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BattleBlock Theater!My friend LastNightsDream and I decided to record some BattleBlock Theater for our colab channel
If your not busy and have a moment, check it out?

Link to the Video
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Minecraft 1.7.7Now that this new update is out all the servers that I usually play on are now outdated and i cant join. .-.
2 weeks ago  |  Comments (0)
Audio malfunctionsMy Roxio game cap keeps warping the audio and drifting it .-.
if only they would support their product.
Unless its intentional so they get me to buy the HD pro?
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"It never rains in Southern California"It might be safe to assume that the song is wrong about that...
So we are 3 days strong into it being a heavy downpour where i live and i hate it already.
not really the rain itself, which i love BTW, but the stupid drivers and the wet pant legs from puddles i could do without >.>
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We have a new video up!Me and GearAngel14 made a video of us playing Black Ops 2 zombies, if you wanna check it out heres a link!
Black Ops 2 Zombies
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Looking for groupHey if you're on Xbox add me cause I just cleared like my whole friends list cause everyone on there was basically inactive....
GT: nadaenchilada
3 months ago  |  Comments (1)
BoooooooredSitting here in the 5th floor of the library...
not doing much...
have about a 2 hour break in between classes.
waiting for a video to render out so i can take advantage of awesome school wifi that is like 25 mbps upload speed.
So yeah...
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Pokemon!Hey there everyone! if you have pokemon x or y add me so we cantrade and be best friends 5evur!

But seriously though add me so we can trade and stuff...
friend code:
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