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DeathI'm not sure how to begin writing this out. I've really only experinced great loss once in my life, On October 3rd, 2103 my best friend in the entire world, commited suicide and just like that he was gone from my life. I didn't know what to feel or think for months. I cired almost everyday for a long while, (and that was ok, I needed to let it all out). Thankfully I had my family there to comfort me and hold me.

When I woke up this morning and saw the news about Monty passing away on The Know being delivered by Meg Turney and the various journals by the RT staff I was heartbroken. I wanted nothing more than to reach through the screen and give every single person a big hug because I know how it feels to have some taken away from you out of the blue.

The hole that my friend left in my heart will never truly heal but with the support of family and friends it is bearable. It is my wish that this community can come together and give eachother a similiar kind of support during this time. Monty meant a lot to a hell of a lot of people. If anyone ever needs to talk or anything my door is always open, remember that you are not going throught this alone and that I love you.

Rest in Peace Monty, you were a major source of happiness during a time of great sadness in my life.
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Pokemon Snap!Hey everyone, i'm starting up a new LP series on my channel on Pokemon Snap for the N64!
This series will be uploaded daily starting today around 12 pm pacific standard time!

For now enjoy Episode 1, which is out now for your viewing pleasure!
Ep 1:
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Christmas!Man oh man was Christmas a fun time, finally getting around to making a post about how my Christmas went!
It went really well despite the fact that I've been sick since I got done with winter quarter, went to the mountains to go sledding in what little snow we get in So. Cal, ate sooooo many tamales, did the typical secret Santa with my extended family on Christmas eve and then we got our Santa presents the next day with just my immediate family.
I got some pretty cool stuff this year, some new cologne, some jackets, a nice painting for my wall, A new black 3DSxl and some new dress shoes , some new dress shoes and the topper of them all tickets to the after Christmas concert in the Grove of Anehiem by my all time favorite band War!

All in all it was a fantastic Christmas!

BTWS if anyone has animal crossing new leaf or pokemon, I have a new DS and a new friend code so here it is if you wanna trade pokemon or some trading between Villages!
New Friend code: 1134-9968-3488
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Back to production!Happy to be back at it! It has been a long while since I had been making videos for my channel on YT, decided to delete all the Majora's Mask because of all the damn bugs I had to work around because of a suddenly failing Roxio cap card. Finally got around to figuring out a way to get El Gato and wii/gamecube to record together. Extremely happy that I'm re-doing this series because it looks so much better without all the problems that were happening because of the damn cap card.

If anyone wants to check out the new series I'll throw in a link to the first video
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Yay for streaming!@Jesterrose and I did a stream on our twitch of Alan Wake's American Nightmare today! here a link to the the stream on YT if anyone is interested in watching.
Link to the playlist
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LFG on Destiny xbox 360 versionMan this game is good, but i enjoy playing co-op with a shooter like this!
if anyone else out there on the RT community is looking to group up and play destiny add me on xbox
GT: nadaenchilada
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Snowball Mic HYPE!Really excited that my new microphone is coming in! Got a black Snowball Mic, now I can finally resume makeing LPs!
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Microphone WoesI've had nothing but back luck with Microphones/Headphones for about as long as I can rememeber. They either ended up broken by siblings, or somehow forced to do an amazing trapeeze act in my room when I am not looking. This time around it was the headset microphone that I use to make lets plays, WELP. There goes video production untill I get the moolah to buy myself something decent to record...
Anyone have any suggestions as to what are good microphones to use for voice recordings?
(Right now its looking like blue snowballs and yetis are the ones that are affordable and also reliable)
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