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So life goes on?One of my best friends in this awesome country (and a man I don't just deeply admire, but secretly envy a little) is fighting for his life as I write this.
On Sunday afternoon we were getting drunk, and less than 24 hrs later a bus crashed against his motorbike, putting him into a coma. In 48 hrs we'll find out if he is brain dead, or just permanently affected.

The last thing I told him was 'I love you mother fucker, let's do this more often'. But what if I haven't, what if my last words were "I hate you, you ass' (he can be such an ass sometimes, that's why we get along so well). How would I be feeling right now?

Don't let life pass through because of petty differences with people, and specially your friends. We all make mistakes, we are all selfish by nature. But it's those few special moments that you spend with people that make this life worth living. It's that giggle because of a stupid joke, or that 'screw you hippie!' because you killed me at Reach that makes me want to wake up another day.

It's not worth living your life angry, or stressed, or sad. It can all end so suddenly, and what did we gain by that? I understand it now, and I hope I can remember this for the rest of my life.

Tell everyone you love that you do. Tell them how special they are to you, and how they have changed your lives.
Some of you have helped me through some rough times, and I'm sure we've all been helped by this so unbelievably amazing community.
If tomorrow I am not in this earth anymore, I want my last words to all of ya to always be:
"I love you motherfuckers, let's do this more often!!"

You are awesome guys!
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Melbourne and FU!It was a fucking awesome weekend!!!
So glad I saw/met all of you!!
Let's do it again soon!!

FU, what a great way to start the week after such an awesome weekend!
My turn now LepraSaun! Hahaha
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A true hero! And he got killed for it...I'm worried. I'm worried because I see a country forgotten by its leaders; whose only mission is to advance their curriculums, and their party instead of their people's best interests.

I'm worried to see an abysm of inequality and difference, strengthened by the apathy of whose sole responsibility is to honor their people's trust.

I'm worried to see that in parliament chaos and polarization are the rule, that the "triumphs" of my representatives are to defame more, to silences better. That there is an array or incomplete jobs, and that the few people that actually want to do a good job are suffocated by the ones who don't. I'm worried to see more civility in a football stadium than in the sacred chairs of parliament. (What can I hope from this?)

Government workers that are absent or indifferent (DWBC, Don't work, but collect pay). Abandoned and corrupted police forces being the result of or government's abuse. Empty aspirations from our youth, with such a corrupted work force. It's not a surprise to me that they don't study or work if the education system is getting less adequate, and continues to decay because of the people who are bound to restore it misuses it. Employment and opportunities are virtually inexistent, and our economy is exploited by the lust of the very few.

I'm worried about my land, bleeding profusely with local and international blood of people who put their trust in the few. I'm worried that "those few" are ineffective because "the many" are fixated in their failure if that means they can gain something from it, and they are dying to say "I told you so".

Difference of opinions has never been a crime, but silence and the murder of those differences has been the latest national trend.

Billions of dollars, of our money, our taxes, being spent and shared by "those few" because they do great nothings, while our children are starving, thirsty and afraid. Afraid, not of the crime that rises relentlessly every year, but afraid of being forgotten, and cast aside by their people; the same people that calls them lazy and good for nothings.

I'm worried about every single member of my family, all 120 million of them. People who look to an uncertain future, to a pathless future. A path that our predecessors denied to set, and a path they now look with indifference claiming its not my fault. And the fight goes on, polarization increases, differences surface, and in the meantime our children suffer.

What is wrong with you Mexico? When did suicide became your routine? Im worried about my people, that would rather hide behind a TV screen than behind a book, or even better: a job. Im worried that the national politics are inspired in resignation, are inspired in defeat. (Its very difficult to fight against the mafias that control the government jobs in order to sack the country).

I emphatically and absolutely deny to keep pretending Im still sleeping. I wont give up, even if Im branded for the rest of my life as insane or an outcast. How crazy are we to think that Mexico needs heroes, when the only thing it needs is the attention of its people, or even the attention of a few more of them. This is the movement of Mexicos third rebirth, where the battlefield is in our own hearts, where the only weapons we use will be peace, hard work, and country, our beautiful country. This sacred land has suffered enough blood; and this land, tainted in red is, and will continue to be witness of my resolve. This battle WILL be won in the hearts of our people, by denouncing the flaws of out county, by believing in Mexico, in our values, and our eternal love.


Luis Donaldo Colosio
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Pizza, Whiskey and Gears of War 3Makes a very very happy, well fed, drunkish me
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Funny Thing, Love Is...First of all hello again to the 1 person who reads my Journal (I'm talking to you mom)!

"Funny" thing happened to me today...

I broke my favorite headphones in the whole wide world yesterday, so I decided to buy a quick replacement this morning while I find where I can get them fixed. So, I went to the JB-HIFI in George St next to my flat before work and chose the lucky pair.

I stand in line to pay, and realize that in front of me is such a beaauutiifuulll woman, redish hair, blue eyes, just beautiful, and SHE'S CARRYING GEARS OF WAR 3!!!

I never talk to random people (coming from where I do, you just don't talk to strangers), but before I realized this happened:

Me: "You are going to make your boyfriend very happy with that gift"
Beautiful woman way out of my league: Looks at me confused and says "Ehhh, I'm single"
Me (probably looking like the biggest dumb ass in the world): "Ohh, so who is it for?"
Beautiful woman way out of my league: Is still looking at me confused, but starts rolling her eyes and says "I LOOOVEEEE GEEARRSSS OF WAAARRR!"
Me (probably with an even bigger bumb ass face): "Ohh my god, mee tooo! Can't wait to play that game silly!"
Beautiful woman way out of my league: Smiles at me, don't know when she stopped looking confused and says "Well you should buy it right now and we should play together"

Never have I dreamed of something like that actually happening in real life, and I must confess I considered it for a second...

Me (probably looking sad): "You are going to make a very lucky guy very happy, enjoy the game"
Left the queue, put the headphones back where I found them, and went to Dick Smith to buy the exact same pair...
No hot woman there, so I actually got me some headphones. I left the shop thinking: "Damn, Meredith is such a lucky girl" Ok, I didn't think that, but you know, you wonder what could have happened.

A couple of hours later Meredith calls me to let me know that she backed delicious macadamia, coconut and white chocolate cookies just for me!!

I feel fine now :)

By the way, does anyone know where I can fix Bose headphones near the city??
I'm thinking Chinatown, but I Have no idea!!

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FU Day # 2Second time in less than 3 months...
I'm tarting to doubt the formula for this, cause I haven't done shit to deserve it hahaha.
But oohhh well, it feels nice to appear in the home page!

Thx to everyone who sent me a message!

Rock on!
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World Champions!Most people don't care about football (soccer for some people), but Mexico just won his 2nd U-17 World Cup in 4 tournaments!!

Imagine being a world champion @ age 15 in front of 120,000 people... That has to be the most unbelievable feeling!!

Now it's time to celebrate, and drink myself silly!!!

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Breakups...They fucking suck ass
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