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Monty Oum Everyone!Monty you are loved and you are missed. You will be honored in the most creative ways. You are amazing and you have touched the lives of millions with your creativity, hard work, and dedication. You are an inspiration to us all. I never got to meet you but it felt as if I knew you and I just want to say, Thank you.
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Superfight?Has anyone played the card game Superfight?

To me it seems a lot like CAH, only better because it's centered around debating for your choice to win.
Just curious as to see what peoples opinions are.

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About damn time!Well it has been what feels like an incredibly long time since I last posted :/ I will definitely admit that I am terrible about keeping up with social media. Today though (12/25/14) was pretty much the best Christmas ever for me. Hell it has been a great year! I got married to my best friend in May, we had our first baby just in Oct. and this was her first Christmas! Everything has literally changed since last Christmas.

Now I know that since Rilee (our newborn) is barely 2 months old she had no idea what today was, but she loved the noises of her presents being opened and all the colors :) She made out crazy good with all the presents, kicked our ass for sure! haha. It only makes me more and more excited for the years to come to watch her grow up and experience this crazy crazy place we call Earth as I spoil her to death.

Also wanted to share the couple of gifts I got :) Seasons 6-9 of RvB!! Woot Woot! and Gavin's "People Like Grapes" shirt haha, I immediately put it on after opening it.
And if anyone is wondering, Yes i am letting Rilee watch all of RT's videos lol :)
Her favorite so far was a Simple Walk to Mordor, she stayed awake through every episode. :)

So I guess that's it, can't wait for the new year, it's going to be awesome!
Rilee's first Annual Birthday
RTX 2015 (hopefully as a Guardian)
New RWBY Game
Halo 5
and who knows what else but iI can't wait!

Thanks for reading!
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Re-Procrastinationso my final the other day turned out to be a game. we played a matching game and my professor gave us all 95s! Freakin awesome! :D
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Finalas + Skyrim = ProcrastinationSo I have a final today, and tomorrow..and the next day, and the next day... I haven't studied at all. My final is in 30 minutes and I've been playing skyrim until now. I really hope my english teacher decides to change the final material so thats it's over smithing or something. That'd be awesome, I could definitely pass that one. :D
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