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Another Pokemon Journal (Yay?)I just learned that my TSV is 0571. If anyone has a matching egg, send me a message and I’ll be able to hatch you a shiny.
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Pokemon Yesterday, I completed the entire pokedex. There are 718 released pokemon. I also bread until I got a shiny 5IV Scizor today. Where is my life?
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Do you ever look back on things you’ve posted or said online and think “How on Earth could I have possible thought writing this was a good idea?"
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Got an Iphone today. Any apps I should get?
8 months ago  |  Comments (1)
Pokemon X and YI beat it in 3 days ugh. So much time wasted but it was all for a fun cause.
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Pokemon X and YThe game is amazing. If anyone else is playing, add me. My friend code is 4141-2922-7382
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Gone for 6 monthsWow I've been gone for awhile. Did I miss anything new, aside from ten years of red vs. blue?
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A punch to the face...Leads to broken glasses. Don't need to see to listen to the Killer's latest album though!
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