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Let's Play: Dead Space "COME AT MEH-" Part 2 is up!Go git it!

This week we've got MLP references, no respect for the dead and Pablo the janitor!
EXCITED!? I know you are. I can smell it. Filthy filthy thing..

Leave a 'Like' and a comment and I'll blow you.
LOL not really.
(maybe just a handy)
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FOOLED YOU. I'm actually dead.

So as my dying wish, give my BRAND NEW, FRESH OFF THE EX-BAWX LET'S PLAY VIDEO! It's Dead Space. You can't go wrong with some Irish/American fumbling around in space who uses the plasma cutter incorrectly throughout half the video.

Give it a 'Like' and a comment if you're feeling sassy. More will be released periodically.
Most likely every Monday.

It's going to be a good time. Trust me.
-don't trust me.
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I've become what I hate-..The guy who accidentally comments three to several times in a row because he thought his comment wasn't going through. And it wasn't even that great of a comment! So now people get to see what I wrote three times.

Fie on me. FIE.
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WHY.For anyone who was born in the '80s, and has kept up with consoles since the NES and how handhelds are marketed, we should all know that between six months to a year a new, sleek, more efficient model of the same 'new' handheld will be released and at a lower price than the older model.

So why bother buying the Vita? The games available at launch will still be available and quite possibly, by this time newer games might have surpassed those 'ground-breaking' titles.

Iiiiiii just don't get it.
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Ditch Digging.I want to write something but my mind has been in a ditch for the last 4 years. Throw some ridiculous ideas at me and I'll post the results here or link you to wherever I post it up to tomorrow.
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Hrm.Every time I get some free time to kill, I sit and look at my 360 arcade games and think, 'What do I want to be today?'. When I want to play my childhood favorite, Sonic CD I get taken back to when I was a kid, looking through the pictures of the one Sonic game I could never play I cursed my limited allowance (I was pretty obsessed with Sonic as a kid).

Now I curse my friends. Because anytime no one is online or sending invites, I try and sit down to play it. The second it loads up, eighteen people pop on and spam my in-box with invites. Now as an adult, I have a weakness for everything co-op and they exploit this like the weak, sickly gazelle falling behind the herd.

I'm never going to finish this game. Much less get through the first act.
Womp womp.
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Raffix-frakix~..I'll stop headbutting the cat after she stops headbutting me awake.
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Blockbuster--your inability to adapt to a changing market resulting in an inevitable collapse into failure is my success! Or so I would believe as I naively purchased Duke Nukem Forever for 8$.

What made me think this was going to be fun? The original wasn't anything special. Gore, tits, and some satirical comedy directed towards our societies law enforcement (read: PIG COPS [hurhurr]). This game, twelve years or whatever in the making is the equivalent of a man, 20 years after graduating high school who's still living in those quarterback glory days, making with minimal effort towards being relevant (read: FUN) among titles that have long since hurdled and transcended what FPS games once were.

Although I am kind of glad it got its dick knocked in the dirt. At least now I never have to hear people gossiping over how great Duke is or how great the next game will be. They'll be trying to tongue that horrible taste that Nukem left off the roof of their mouths for a few more years.
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