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Tetrapex Red Stars
Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}I'm afraid I must bid you folks good bye. I've hidden behind this character so long that it's time to rush headlong into the past and settle it. Do me a favor though, okay? Watch for my return elsewhere.

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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}So I was drunk on Skype last night.

I'm not sorry for some of my word usage. If you ever want to get to know me better, catch me while I'm drunk. :P
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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}I've lost my mind.
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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}In my absence a lot of shit hasn't really happened that's worth writing to you folks about. The only thing worth mentioning is I'm diving into my creative side, more specifically my drawing capability. It's shitty, but I have good reason for it. I'm writing a story set in the Halo universe with a big company name, ships, characters; the whole shebang. I want to visually see what I'm writing about. Well, the company in the story needs a logo. I've drawn up a pathetic rough draft, which I've uploaded earlier, and I want to refine it. By like, a lot.

Which brings me to my next endeavor. How would I go about refining a logo AND honing my drawing skills? I've been looking at the Wacom tablets, but holy Jesus they're expensive. Anyone have experience in this area and would mind helping me out?
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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}I don't want to brag or anything, but at the end of a tough workday, I can shed my clothes faster than a stripper.

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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}I am thoroughly convinced someone made seven extra accounts to watch me. Who are you, fucker?
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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}So I moved again. This time the place is a lot more cleaner. Rent is a little higher, but I get what I pay for. The last place I lived in was moldy, dusty, and there was cat and dog hair all over the fucking place. But the dude was cool for letting me move in at $200 a month. The place I live in now is a lot warmer, so I'm not forced to wear mostly two layers of clothes every night with an electric blanket and a regular blanket. My bed is also bigger. I traded my old twin size for a full size. More space for stretching out and shit! Woo!

But I'm still single. That is neither a proud thing, or a sad thing. I have the potential to make someone happy, but I'm dumping all my time into working and getting stable again. If someone walks into my life and it happens, it happens.

Little update about work: In about four to five months I will be heading off to management training to handle my own meat market in a grocery store within the company. Things are turning out.

I'm slowly letting go of the past. I have learned in the three years since I graduated that the shenanigans you pulled in high school don't mean dick in the real world. When you graduate and move on in life, the people you used to talk to don't to talk to you and vice versa. In my case, I made the mistake of harassing one of the popular womanfolk in high school because she turned me down. That stayed with me all through school until I transferred to a different school seven miles away. Some of you know this, some of you don't. I still think about this woman from time to time because I never got to know her, and she still never forgave me. I like to think she did, but that's beside the point. The point is, what I did to her and the shit I said to her don't matter to me anymore, and I'm sure the same goes for her. The things people said to me, the way they ridiculed me, it doesn't matter anymore. The majority of them are in debt because of college, some have kids, others are still parasites living in the same town. And me? Well, some times you just have to sit back and laugh.

Uhm..fucking..there was something else I wanted to mention and put out there. Oh, I'm sure I will remember again some time.

I you.

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Tetrapex Red Stars
{~}Read from the bottom up.

Did you guys know I'm a pervert? Because I didn't. A douche maybe, but I do that for fun.
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