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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
APPLES!!!Apples to Apples tonight! 3/21/14. If you have a 360 and managed to keep your THQ Apples to Apples game it's ON!!!

5:30pm PST. Come participate in a bevy of beer and belligerence, starring some of the HHD crew and whoever else shows up.
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Happy Hour HiatusWell friends we're back from nowhere in particular. I've been a bit negligent in updating this page and several of the regulars have had the holidays, illness, and life in general getting in our way and preventing some bar appearances.

But if you've been itching for content we have one hell of a supply drop for you. 6 new episodes are currently available through @BioHRay 's Youtube page HERE. Including the holiday special and new year's episodes.

Also Episodes 01-36 are available through iTunes. Make sure you subscribe, rate, and comment on there.

We need your feedback. The Happy Hour Drunkcast would like to expand our topics and talking points but we need to know what you want to hear more of; making comments here, on twitter, our iTunes account, or on the episode videos on YouTube a must.

Happy listening and happy drinking.

Herps McGirps
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Happy Hour Hordes HookersEpisode 31 is up!

This week:

- @Hightower joins us to chat about his popularity explosion.
- @HerpsMcGirps has finally caught the GTA fever...or possibly from all the hookers.
- Hookers
- A sickly @Conklin braves the dangers of staying in and getting on his laptop for another Are You Smarter Than An Action Medic?
- Were Hookers mentioned?

Herps McGirps
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Whew! Happy Hour Woke Up From a Coma.Over Halloween we drank ourselves into a stupor. One so large we've just awoken.

Episode 30 is live and HERE

And Episode 29 Halloweenies

Also at this point Episode 29 is on iTunes and Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 30 has me, Captain Herps, crashing the podcast ship upon the reef of awesome. Joined by First Mate Flap, Navigator Nand, Chef Chief, and Cabin Boy Church.

Episode 29 Ray, myself, Flap, and Church, share our most terrifying memories and best Halloweens.

Follow on Twitter, Subscribe on iTunes, Subscribe on YouTube, and thanks for listening.

Toodles, (<----Still looks weird)
Herps McGirps
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Happy Hour, I Choose You!New Happy Hour Drunkcast Episode 28 is HERE

Also Episodes 1-27 are available through and iTunes right now.

This week:
- Regulars @BioHRay, @HerpsMcGirps, @ClassicChief, @Conklin, @FlapNasty3, and special guest, Masshalogear.
- Chief becomes a pokémon.
- Ray gets naked.
- Stuart speaks on Community One on One.
- Board Games
- Are You Smarter Than An Action Medic? 20 Now with audio clips.
- Church reveals his invention timeline until his Action Overlord level has been achieved.

As always like, subscribe, follow, comment. Until next week.

Herps McGirps
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Happy Hour Has Patents PendingHappy Hour Drunkcast Episode 27 is up HERE

This week:
- Regulars Herps, Ray, Flap, and Church.
- We reminisce about our crazy multiplayer moments.
- The SteamBox is discussed.
- @Conklin aka BladeChurch has some improvements to some of his classic inventions.
- Are You Smarter Than An Action Medic? 19

Make sure you comment and subscribe on Youtube or iTunes, or why not feel experimental and try doing both. There are no judgments here.

Herps McGirps
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Happy Hour HorrorThis week on HHD we feature the greatest twerking video of all time, Tiamos Loren is our guest and even manages to squeeze his way into the first ever co-rant, and @Nand & friends' Extra-Life page is pimped.

Episode 26 HERE

*****Twerking Video can be found through a link in the Youtube video description for Episode 26*****

- @Nand has his charity live-stream pimped.
- @HerpsMcGirps decides that there's a specific food type that needs to be ruined for the masses.
- Tiamos Loren shares his excitement over Xcom: Enemy Within and reveals his ignorance of American porn-stars.
- @HerpsMcGirps gets hopped up over an real life Water Temple.
- The 1st co-rant in HHD history.
- We rip into celebrities who twerk while promoting the video @Deathreau made to settle the @ClassicChief bet made in episode 24.
- We debate the trend of survival horror and/or the lack thereof in recent games classified in the "horror" genre.

As always thanks for listening and like, comment, subscribe, and follow.

Herps McGirps
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HerpsMcGirps DNADeficient
Status on Episode 25 & 26Silly me, I forgot to make a post last week regarding episode 25. Well it is available right now Here but it is also on mp3 through and iTunes.

- @Finalcutmin joins us.
- GTA V madness.
- @BioHRay and @Flapnasty3 argue spawning the first ever Rant from Ray.
- The best/worse round of Are You Smarter Than An Action Medic? ever.

Episode 26 is postponed this week dues to illness, shitty ISPs, and personal obligations. We'll be back next week though so prep your beer goggles.

Herps McGirps
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