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So I do this thing...I don't really advertise this stuff too much on here, but if you need something to pass the time before the new episode, here's 35 minutes of the craziest shit you will ever see, starring the Blood Gulch crew, Wash, Maine, the Meta, and 100 people you don't care about:


If the exposition is too boring and cringeworthy (which it is), the main action starts 10 minutes in.

Protect me, cone!
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Oh yeah...So I made this like 6 months ago on LDD and forgot about it.

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This is what happens when I can't sleep.I'm still in the air
I'm still in the sky
this mask that I wear
hides the crazy inside

I play by the rules
I follow advice
but you never said
I couldn't break that ice

I'm still in the air
I'm wondering why
a hole in the ground
is where I'd want to hide

the lands in the kingdom
will witness my might
'cause people say hills
are well known for their sight

I'm still in the air
I'm still in the sky
this mask that I wear
hides the crazy inside

I'm still in the air
but when I hit the ground
I'll sit on my throne
with a broken crown

I'm still in the air
I'm still in the air
I'm still in the air.
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My thoughts on... Star Wars, of all things.So, as someone who used to be so obsessed with Star Wars as to know the names and stories of most every background character in the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in Episode IV, but who hasn't been paying much attention in recent years, here are my thoughts as the final curtain closes:

It is strangely satisfying to think that Star Wars, a story decades in the making, told through film, television, books, comics, and games by countless authors, a story that revolutionized the science fiction genre and inspired millions, is officially finished.

It is sad to see it end, but all things must at some point. At least, with the second Clone Wars show moved into the reboot, it can be immortalized with most of the continuity issues resolved. The next iteration of Star Wars will no doubt be full of new stories, and to those tasked with telling them, may the force be with you. You're going to need it to live up to what, in several decades' time, we may be calling Star Wars: Generation One.
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Season 11I know I may not be the most prominent forum member, but I'd like to say a few words about season 11.

For me, Season 11 took a step backwards, and another step forwards - in a different direction.

Yes, season 11 went back to an all-machinima format, disregarding the CGI technology they had utilized for the past 3 seasons. I feel this is a step backwards in terms of quality, since it was that CGI that was starting to break Red vs. Blue out of the underground, and silence those who dismissed it as a silly halo thing. Season 11 essentially put the show back at square one. It was to be expected, as the move to Halo 4 would have meant the need for all-new character models and resources, and Rooster Teeth's primary efforts were on RWBY at the time, and I expected nothing more from this season than a "filler" episode to keep the show going.

Boy, was I wrong.

The writing in Season 11 was miles ahead of the previous few. Sure, it had its weak points, like the lead-up to Lopez Dos.0 and some of the plot elements being cliche, but what really shined were the characters. The beginning of Season 11 led audiences to believe that the show had returned to its status quo, with little regard for recent events. But as the season progressed, it began to chip away at that facade and by the midpoint the characters couldn't hold it up any longer. They finally admitted things they had been hiding for years. There were some really heartfelt moments along the way, leading up to a finale that hit like some of the BGC-side moments in Season 10 and promised that Season 12 would continue to give the spotlight to characters that have rarely ever had a chance at it (I'm rooting for you, Simmons!).

Sure, I've seen all the hate particular seasons have been getting (I was shocked at the Youtube comments for the Season 11 trailer - they were more civil than the Season 11 thread!), but at the end of the day, I like every moment of Red vs. Blue.

Because although the show sometimes falls below our expectations, there's a reason those expectations are there. Because Red vs. Blue is still the best gosh-darn motherfucking show on the planet, and I'm proud to be a part of its community.
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In which I attempt to reconcile Out of Mind with what we know now:Episode 1:

I don't think it's ever been brought up, but I have a theory on why red and blue soldiers keep showing up as guards. It's possible the freelancers (Wyoming in particular) began rounding up simulation troopers to use as guards - they knew where they were stationed (having trained there) and no one would notice if they were missing. It's also possible that the red zealot told Omega where to find other zealots. Speaking of sim troopers, when are we going to see some in the Freelancer segments? They seem to have been in one of the early scripts for season 9 but were cut. Burnie did say we'd be seeing the BG guys in places we wouldn't expect...

Episode 2:

I just found this quote too funny:

"All right I want to see some hustle out there! I mean the hard work kind of hustle, not the disco or illegal scam kind of hustle. I apologize for the confusion on that earlier."

Okay, now the important stuff. Tex says she's still trying to figure out what her enhancement is to Church, who wouldn't have existed until after the sarcophagus mission, on which Tex used her invisibility. Maybe she just wanted to avoid a "can you do it right now?" conversation with Church. Or maybe she puts on the badass facade around the other freelancers, but didn't really know what she was doing on that rooftop.

Two steel-armored freelancers are shown having their AI removed, who are these freelancers and how did they get so high on the ranking board to get AI? I have a theory that different groups of freelancers are trained in different areas and the ranking board was just an excuse to not give South and CT AI (maybe CT was suspected of being a traitor and the Director needed an excuse to keep the AI technology away from her, and he just decided to use the same excuse on South for his experiment). Meanwhile, other freelancers elsewhere are getting other AI (the ones not highlighted on Sigma's board). Out of Mind's flashbacks would take place at one of these off-site training centers.

Episode 3:

Since Carolina is Alive, we're back to not knowing who York's interior decorator was.

Okay, there's been some discussion over why York would want to kill Omega in revenge for his eye when Tex didn't have Omega at the time. Upon closer inspection, Tex offers payback as an incentive just after she mentions Wyoming is working with Omega. After all, Wyoming was the one who brought the live ammo into the training scenario.

York: "Technically, you're the reason I have one bad eye." (They brought the ammo in because they couldn't beat Tex)
Tex: "Technically I'm the reason you still have one good eye." (She hardened his armor with the paint over half his face)

It's possible Delta only says "a little payback would be nice" because he shares York's memories.

Episode 4:

It was brought up a couple hundred pages back that "sync" isn't how Carolina should've tried to get the BG guys to sync. Well, that's exactly how Tex and York sync in this episode.

Hmm. Why does Delta detect that Tex's vital statistics are well above normal? At that point, Tex was in Sarge's robot body. Maybe the robot has something that simulates vital statistics? Or are they above normal because she's a robot?

Here's where problems arise: Delta says: "Killing Omega will not repair the damage he did to your optic nerve." We know that Omega wasn't with Tex, since the training was before the Alpha was fragmented. York even says that trying to beat them is how he got hurt in the first place. I'll go into that later, but first one more Episode:

Episode 5:

Delta says "Data on small explosives needed" after York uses a frag grenade and a killed blue drops some. Just thought this was interesting since prior to this most grenades used in the series were plasma grenades.

Wyoming says "Another freelancer gone." Maybe he knows about the Meta?

There was that whole thing about Tex saying Wyoming escaped when she really knocked him out, but someone else had a good theory on that, and that's more an inconsistency with Season 5 than with Out of Mind.

Alright, here's where the crackpot sizzles. All signs point to Omega being with Tex during the training round, except that it isn't possible. But what if we ignore that for the moment. Wash said Omega inherited the "jumping from body to body" trait from the Alpha, except there was one other AI that also inherited it. Tex. What if Omega wasn't split from Alpha, but from Tex? Think about it, Tex already spontaneously split from the Alpha once, why couldn't another split happen? It would explain why Tex underwent such a drastic change from PF to BG. From what we see in Season 9, she seems very brutal in combat and doesn't seem to have much compassion (The only nice moment we get is her saving York). In BGC, when she first appears she acts JUST LIKE S9 Tex, even though she supposedly had Omega in BG but not in S9. After she loses Omega, she becomes a completely different person and actually cares about the BG guys and other freelancers like York. This would also give a possible reason why Omega was named Omega, when it's the last letter of the greek alphabet and the others are near the beginning. Omega had a different origin than the rest of the AI, so the director gave him the name Omega to differentiate him from the rest.

This would also explain a few other events and inconsistencies:

Omega kept trying to go back to Tex after he's reassigned because he split off from her.

Tex acts different in the Out of Mind flashback with Church because that was one of the times Omega was reassigned.

Tex doesn't know her enhancement because Omega was operating it/in control at that time.

Tex acts brutal and violent when Epsi-Church recreates her in Revelation because that's how she was when she was first created.
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