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Test AnimationThat test animation I was working on with the models is done:


See if you can spot all the easter eggs (there are four RT-related, one not).
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So, yeah.Went ahead and finished the MK VI permutations. Because Spiderwash.

Pretty much done with normal MK VI, but still need to work out a few more bugs and make some more hand variations. This is all done in Powerpoint so once I'm done with that and have some weapons rendered I think I might release some files for people to play around with.
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Making Progress...Basic modeling done. May need to rework a few things. Probably going to redo the head and then start working on Mark VI.

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Teasing stuffNo one cares, I know, just thought this was cool.
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So I do this thing...I don't really advertise this stuff too much on here, but if you need something to pass the time before the new episode, here's 35 minutes of the craziest shit you will ever see, starring the Blood Gulch crew, Wash, Maine, the Meta, and 100 people you don't care about:


If the exposition is too boring and cringeworthy (which it is), the main action starts 10 minutes in.

Protect me, cone!
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Oh yeah...So I made this like 6 months ago on LDD and forgot about it.

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