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Ben Cast & Crew
RT music fans, want to win 3 months of Spotify Premium?Do you like listening to sounds? Preferably sounds that form a melody? Chances are that you like music, and if you like music, you'd love Spotify. If you've not heard of it, it's basically all the music you could want, streaming instantly over the internet.

Me and the lads at Spotify are throwing a little bit of a cheeky competition, and as part of it we're giving away THREE MONTHS of Spotify Premium to one lucky devil, which gives you unlimited ad-free listening on your computer and your mobile device. Basically, completely unlimited music wherever you are. Now that's NOT a faff.

But Ben, how do I win such a thing?
Easy. Just follow the official NTU profile, and also at least one playlist on that profile. The more playlists you follow, the greater your chances

Good luck x
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Ben Cast & Crew
Elections TacticsSo I'm running for election. And I twerked on stage. AND THIS IS THAT VIDEO. www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=292637560893755
5 months ago  |  Comments (5)
Ben Cast & Crew
Want to see me twerking?The elections at my university are now well underway. So please like my campaign page for some exclusive stuff... including very soon THAT footage of me twerking on stage at one of the candidate Q&A sessions. It's going to be rough.
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Ben Cast & Crew
Now on Tumblr (Again)I've been on Tumblr for a bit, but never taken it seriously. UNTIL TODAY. So follow me maybe and 'ask' me things. benkingison.tumblr.com/ask
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Ben Cast & Crew
A preview of things to come...This may or may not be part of the new Rooster Teeth website we're making.

9 months ago  |  Comments (170)
Ben Cast & Crew
Coming soon......to a computer and mobile device near you.

10 months ago  |  Comments (124)
Ben Cast & Crew
Ben and Ben co-host the radioIf you didn't hear it live, you can now listen back to my radio show from this morning. I'm joined by best friend Ben Coole and we discuss a lot of things, including but not limited to goldfish in love, happy slapping whales and flaccid wristbands. We also play two gameshows, 'Ben or Ben?' and 'Granny Lyrics'. They are exactly as they sound.
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Ben Cast & Crew
Ben on the radio, now on SoundCloudIf you've never tuned in to my radio show to listen live (timezones can be a bit of a pain sometimes) then boy have I got good news for you! I finally got round to editing the recordings of my show, so you can now listen on-demand, whenever you want, in convenient online streaming form.

The first show I'm posting is the End of Term special I co-hosted with my good friend Lucy. We take a look back at the second term of university and share our stories, have a bit of banter, and play some tunes. You'll hear about "Chinchillas on Ice" and "Flaccid Teaspoons" and I participate in my first ever Hot Gossip segment. Oh and I even read the news for the first time! You can listen now on SoundCloud. Ta.
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