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Question about oatmeal.I'm wondering if jam is good in oatmeal.
6 months ago  |  Comments (3)
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Quote of the day."So many decorations it's starting to look like a third world general." -Dr. Jones(my physics professor) on average velocity in a certain direction. It's just a v with a line and an arrow over it.
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I go back to school on Saturday, and I'm stuck in that weird mindset of "I want to stay home but it's boring, so I want to go to school to have something to do."

Am I just weird or is this something other people get?
8 months ago  |  Comments (1)
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Moving in the rain.So in order to move to my new dorm I had to do it the 13th. I got here early so that I could clean and shizz, well it's pouring buckets and I have to move all these cardboard boxes 150 feet across the parking lot because there's not a closer spot. I took my rain jacket home for summer and didn't see thy it was going to pour. It sucks, but the new housing was better than the alternative.
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So...I was at work and my boss was cleaning out his garage and found a bunch of rc car bodies. He gave me the one with the fewest missing parts.
9 months ago  |  Comments (1)
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Aand I'm home. Finished some finals and packed. Then drove 7 hours and was greeted by two very happy dogs. Then my mom inadvertently started a kung-shoe war, she doesn't even know what it is.
10 months ago  |  Comments (1)
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Woo hoo!So, I had two finals today. Calculus and Meteorology. Calc was easy, done in 2 hours. Meteorology was even easier. done in 10 Minutes, 80 questions. That's 7.5 seconds a question. Now all I've gotta do is pack and clean so that I can go home.
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VERY IMPORTANT!!You should all go see Lone Survivor. That is all.
1 year ago  |  Comments (0)
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