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Iam baaaaack!Like it or not Iam Back in Black fellas. i was gone 10 days camping in a tent. so now I am back, refresed and ready to piss off some Liberals agian.

ANYWAY, while I was camping something intersesting happend a group called the "Rainbow people" came to the area I was camping in 20,000 of them to be exact. If you are not really firmiliar of these people, they are just modern Hippies. THEY ARE BACK!!!!! Well I thought Id give them a welcome party... something to do with 5 M80's he he.
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God damnit I hate hippies!! GOD DAMN HIPPIES!
#1  Posted 9 years ago
ha, lol. make the world cleaner, kill a hippie
#2  Posted 9 years ago
I am going to Steamboat in a week! Cursed Hippies!
#3  Posted 9 years ago
If you go north to colombine, then on to 550 then to 500 you will see them thousands hundreds millions! okay maybe not that many but it sure seems like it
#4  Posted 9 years ago
one of those god damned hippies negg modded you, here's a few to put you on the plus side
#5  Posted 9 years ago
sparchief117 Sponsor
Awsome, did they freak out and say no man peace, we come in peace. lol fuckers
#6  Posted 9 years ago
YAY your back!!!!!
#7  Posted 9 years ago
Thanks that is the very first time someone was glad Iam back! FINNALY.

and no, the hippies got pissed they were ready to kill me! They also satrted to throw rocks at the park rangers
#8  Posted 9 years ago
dude some hippies are ok but those guys sound like jackasses
#9  Posted 9 years ago
Well they are all about peace and love...untill they get high and then it is all over. they get pissiy real easy and then they get out to kill.
#10  Posted 9 years ago
kool moving images
#11  Posted 8 years ago
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