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Dragonsdragons are one of natures greatest creations. they are the most powerful mix of magic and raw physical strength every created. from the western variation commonly referred to as wyverns to the far east chinese gods no creature is a match for a dragon. as exhibited by there ancestor the commodo dragon they are extremly hard to hurt due to scales and supeior claws &teeth. there are many kinds of dragons. from the sea serpent to the afore mentiond wyvern dragons can have up to a pair of legs, wings, and arms or they could just be snakelike without any appendages at all. then there are the elemental variations from fire to ice,wind and rain for any element there is sure to be a dragon for it. in any movie about dragons the heroes always find some way to defeat the dragon. i personally dont think they would have any chace(the humans that is)for one thing dragons have the intelligence of any human. if they exsited (which they might have)they were the supreme preadators in fact the only reason they might have disappeared is they didnt want any compettion. odds are ten to one that a dragon could beat any ten humans. if there are any questions i can furthur answer fell free to ask me
stay tuned for next weeks open topic
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have you read the book dragonology
#1  Posted 10 years ago
interesting research you've done there. Where'd you get all the info? most of what i know is based on the mythologies and concepts put forward in the dozens of fantasy books i've read. I have to say the most interesting idea regarding dragons, their development and their interactions with humans was depicted in Robin Hobb's The Liveship Traders, which is a really good series btw. Her dragons were the common western view with wings, arms and legs, but started life as sea serpents hatched from eggs, which then had to go to this specific beach by a particular river with special properties where they cocooned then hatched.... all pretty interesting.
#2  Posted 10 years ago
in the book i said above they talk about that kinda stuff, just haven't got there yet
#3  Posted 10 years ago
dragons are one of the most noble creatures, in my humble opinion... hope things are going well for you.
#4  Posted 10 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
like dragon ball p
#5  Posted 10 years ago
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