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Farewell This is the part where I say goodbye. Not because of pressure or insecurity, but to get on with my life. I pay my entire internet bill myself and without a job, it has become too costly. Fear not, for this is not the only internet connection in my house, but I won't be here anywhere near as often. I may drop by from time to time, once a week if you're lucky.

The past 2 years, 1 month and 2 days have been great here. In that time I almost reached 1500 friends, I was 3rd most online, jumped up to 19th most watched at one stage, scraped top 6 most modded a few times and scratched at the bottom of the highest karma list. So for the first time ever, here are my stats, and some other stats.

During my time here I have made many friends, most of which have stuck by since my first few weeks here. With the fifth season of Red vs Blue coming about and the jokes wearing thin, many have also left. On the other hand, many (including myself) stayed for the interaction with other community members, creating an entirely separate entity around this website that wasn't concerned with the videos or the comics and just dropped by to say hello or rant about something that happened on the weekend.

For those with a 360, you'll see me on there much more than here. Everyone is welcome to add me if the wish. There are also a few leaderboards set up by the members of the community. One by Crunchbite58, another run by Amakaru, and a third with it's own thread run by BoxCarBob.

I might be around for another day or two, I might not. I'll keep everyone on my watchlist as they are so I can do a bit of catching up if I happen to be in the neighborhood. But for now, I bid thee farewell. Who knows, I may even make a comeback later in the year after things have improved.
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Farewell Flanger, you shall be missed!
#1  Posted 8 years ago
Quarters Arpeggiator
Eh, only worthwhile conversation I have with you is on msn anyway.

Have fun in da real werld.
#2  Posted 8 years ago
Farewell my friend you'll be missed!

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#3  Posted 8 years ago
Goodbye my dear friend...

I'll be seeing you.
#4  Posted 8 years ago
same as donut, maybe you don't know me, but hell you're a kick ass guy! hopefully we wll see you around
#5  Posted 8 years ago
ahh man don't go. T_T
#6  Posted 8 years ago
Adios mi amigo. see ya around.
#7  Posted 8 years ago
Adios, see you around
#8  Posted 8 years ago
I really liked to watch you. Your journals were awesome, and so were the comments you left me. They seemed to always be different then somebody else's. We'll miss you, but at least we'll have Xbox Live to communicate. If we happen to be playing the same games at a time, I might send a message or something to see what's up or if ya wanna play.

Dont stray too far from this site....and I'll be sure to congratulate you on being featured user while you're gone...stupid random f.u. generator

Ah well, I guess I'll talk to ya later.
#9  Posted 8 years ago
Enjoy life my friend
#10  Posted 8 years ago
#11  Posted 8 years ago
Your the 6th person on my watchlist, 4 of the first 5 are staff or mods.

Ive been a friend and a watcher for a long time, and it really sucks to see you go. Im just glad that your keeping your account (just in case )

Good luck with whatever you persue!
#12  Posted 8 years ago
tiger0629 Las Vegas
See ya soon, be good
#13  Posted 8 years ago
look forward to seein' you on again!
#14  Posted 8 years ago
film_geek Site Admin
Good bye, and until next time, farewell.

It's been fun knowing you, I hope you have a great life.

I'll see you around.
#15  Posted 8 years ago
Goodbye, but hurry up and get a job so you can come back!
#16  Posted 8 years ago
g-g-g-g-good bye! *cries and runs away*

No, but seriously, good luck!
#17  Posted 8 years ago
Au Revoir mate. I'll add you on Xbox Live later.
#18  Posted 8 years ago
see ya
#19  Posted 8 years ago
See ya buddy... we'll miss ya
#20  Posted 8 years ago
Good luck with your life man!
#21  Posted 8 years ago
i may not have talked to you much, but haveing you on my friends list has been a pleasure. you were on of my first to say sure i'll accept this newbie as a friend. i have gotten used to seeing your icon when ever i singned on.
to me every one is writting like this is the end, but instead it's the beggining of................... what ever you want it to be. i hope i can talk to you one of the times you do sign on in the near future
have fun in the real world
#22  Posted 8 years ago
Buh bye
#23  Posted 8 years ago
See ya around then!
#24  Posted 8 years ago
#25  Posted 8 years ago
Aww that sucks gonna miss ya
#26  Posted 8 years ago
man I hate to see u go but u have ur reasons, Hopefully i will see u soon but If i dont, wish U the best of luck
#27  Posted 8 years ago
Clayman2006 xFATHERHOODx
we'll never forget ya

Ciao, Adios
#28  Posted 8 years ago
Farewell man
#29  Posted 8 years ago
goodbye and i hope everything improves and you come back
#30  Posted 8 years ago
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