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AchievementsRandom Thought: Time never moves slower than when you are watching a progress bar. I think there's a special version of hell where you are forced to re-watch your own life as a spectator. I will be particularly upset about all the time I spent watching a blue bar that said 89%.

In other news, I picked Geoff's achievement penance from our contest. He has to get the "7 Day Survivor" Achievement from Dead Rising. It's my most memorable award in any game and requires you to play for literally 14 hours straight. No saves, no powering down. It's the marathon of the gaming world. There are entire FAQs dedicated to this Achievement and theories on using the Xbox controller's auto-off feature to help you time your Frank feedings. The best part is, I know it will tie up his console for at least two days which will help me get an even further lead on him. If he tries to do it at the office, I will personally unplug the box when he's not looking.

Basically, the Achievement requires you to stay alive in a zombie infested mall for 7 "days" of gameplay, where each day lasts 2 hours real time. And, you can't just find a safe place to sit and leave your box on. The character, Frank, has a slowly degenerating health bar, so you have to venture into the mall to find food. You have to feed him at least once every 15 minutes, assuming your little shopping trips don't further drain your health with all the zombie encounters. It's a really unique game type and I think only a handful of people have the achievement. I got it about three months after the game came out and I was ranked 19th in the world at the time. I wasn't even going for rank, just trying to get the Achievement to finish out the game. I have read that some people have made it as far as 14 days (28 hours of gameplay). I don't see how that is possible.

I see that he is bitching on the main page about my choice. He says he needs to finish the game to even unlock the Survival mode. I don't think finishing a game like Dead Rising is a chore, he should have done it a year ago. And, I would like to point out that I actually have this Achievement myself, it's not like I tried to lay something impossible on him. Let's see if he has the same standards as I do when he wins a contest. I think his scariest item in the trophy case is his "1 star to 6 star" Achievement in NCAA 08. I just want to warn him publicly that I can lay "100% Lego Star Wars Complete" on him at a moments notice. You want an escalation to the conflict, Geoff? I'll go toe to toe with you.
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To be fair, wasn't it your son that unlocked the 100% on LSW?
#31  Posted 7 years ago
I never got around to unlocking the survival mode, but did it just recently. I think the highest people have gotten is about 24 hours straight gameplay. I totally think if you got a tag-team to get as far in as possible.
#32  Posted 7 years ago
#33  Posted 7 years ago
dems fight'n werds
#34  Posted 7 years ago
Here we go again...
#35  Posted 7 years ago
#36  Posted 7 years ago
Yeah.....one time at a going away party for my best friend, my bud suggested that i switch the cables from the PS2 my husband was playing...ya know, the red white and yellow ones...well he was in the bathroom and i switched it as a joke, it wasn't a joke for very long. He started screaming, throwing things, I slapped him hard across his face to get him to grow up and the party ran for the hills because I was mad as hell......my friend, I suggest you never ever unplug anything video game related. It will get ugly and end badly.....but if you want and excuse to slap Geoff across the face then by all means, unplug the Xbox.
#37  Posted 7 years ago
I believe Desert Bus is still the marathon of the gaming world.
#38  Posted 7 years ago
I have 100% complete on LEGO Star Wars 2
#39  Posted 7 years ago
Actually, if you push through LEGO Star Wars: TCS, and don't buy anything 'till 2,500,000 studs... you can pick up the 4X, then the 2X comes in about an hour... then the 6X in about 15 mins, then the 8X in a minute, then the 10X in an instant....... and then you can just buy the Power Brick Detector and Minikit Detector.

All I have left are the challenge modes from Ep. 3, Ch. 4 till the end. Then 100% and my first 1000/1000 will be mine! *greed*
#40  Posted 7 years ago
Knuckleneck Get Some
Geez...Merry Christmas, guys.

Now, go to your corners, whip out the chainsaws and rubbing alcohol and come out buzzing.
#41  Posted 7 years ago
You scare the fuck out of me. Remind me never to get into an achievement battle with you.
#42  Posted 7 years ago
It's really not that hard of an achievement, it'll just take a while to do. There are so many guides as to how to get 7 Day survivor. They even wrote a guide for 14 Day survivor. It's insane.
#43  Posted 7 years ago
Wow, I just started working on the same achievement.
#44  Posted 7 years ago
Make him do Jordan on Expert on Guitar Hero instead, so he has to actually learn how to play Guitar Hero, then learn to use the blue fret, then the orange fret, then learn the most ridiculously hard ANYTHING in a game.

Seriously. I've beaten EVERY song made for Guitar Hero on Expert, hundreds of times, but i've only been able to do Jordan once. That once was the happiest moment of my achievement life.

Or make him survive a million on Geometry Wars >:D
#45  Posted 7 years ago
lol...Burnie's maniacal.
#46  Posted 7 years ago
you went too easy on the man burnie. Time taken does not equate to difficulty, he could just gather up all the food in the mall one section at a time, hole himself somewhere where the zombies cant get him and watch television occasionally changing the channel to check franks health.

Next time go for completing (x) game on a (y) difficulty.
#47  Posted 7 years ago
kyledakilla eyelash
People got over 16 days
#48  Posted 7 years ago
If he tries to do it at the office, I will personally unplug the box when he's not looking.

While I wholeheartedly support you making him pay up, that IS a little mean and below the belt.
#49  Posted 7 years ago
Gavino Cast & Crew
It's so good to have achievements that others get intimidated by. I am proud of completing every activity in Saints Row, but it's nothing against this one. The 7 day survivor is one of those achievements I look at and hope that one day when I am a big boy i'll be able to complete. But for know I am not even ready to begin to attempt it.

You definitely need to place cameras on Geoff while he plays. One on the TV facing him and one from behind his head with the screen.

#50  Posted 7 years ago
I only have the 3-Day Survivor. It's not too hard to do. If you do it right. I am just lazy. :D

Last time I checked, Some people had over 10 Days of Survival. Maybe even 12 or 20+.
#51  Posted 7 years ago
kaori6 RTX Bound
Lol bust a move
#52  Posted 7 years ago
burnie Cast & Crew
Actually, if you push through LEGO Star Wars: TCS, and don't buy anything 'till 2,500,000 studs... you can pick up the 4X, then the 2X comes in about an hour... then the 6X in about 15 mins, then the 8X in a minute, then the 10X in an instant....... and then you can just buy the Power Brick Detector and Minikit Detector.

It's faster to get the 2x first at 1.25 million. Then you only need another 1.25 million to get 4x. So, you get both 2x and 4x for 2.5 million. If you did 4x first, you would need 2.5 million and then 1.25 mill/4 or 300k. Not much faster, but still faster.
#53  Posted 7 years ago
It's actually not that hard to stay alive. All you have to do is hide in the place where the food is upstairs in the demo. There there is an unlimited supply of O.J. and plates. Plates to kill zombies. O.J. for health. Unless there are no unlimited supply in survival.
#54  Posted 7 years ago
I hope Geoff takes you down in the next Achievement Race
#55  Posted 7 years ago
hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog
#56  Posted 7 years ago
Rock out with your rooster out... lol
#57  Posted 7 years ago
...and that is why you are awesome.
#58  Posted 7 years ago
i played for almost 25 hours which took forever my vision was wierd till i got some sleep five hours later
#59  Posted 7 years ago
Kazion The Darkland
It's things like this that make me love being a gamer. Good choice Burnie!
#60  Posted 7 years ago
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