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geoff Cast & Crew
geoff Cast & Crew
7 Day Survivor, 1 Step At a Time : VideoSo, I've found my Dead Rising save-game, and begun work on my Loser Achievement. As I've whined about publicly quite a few times, Burnie is making me get the 7 Day Survivor Achievement in Dead Rising, as a penance for losing our COD4 contest. To do that however, I have/had some prep work to do. Last night I hit level 50 (needed to max stats), and got that achievement. Today I got Zombie Genocide (which is killing 53,594 zombies). It took about three hours of running zombies over with cars, but it was totally worth it to unlock the MegaMan gun, which will help tremendously when I'm playing Survivor mode. I've included a quick video of me getting Genocide in the first comment of this journal. Woohoo. Next step is to beat the game, then start Surviving...
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geoff Cast & Crew

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#1  Posted 7 years ago  |  + 3 Funny
I never played Dead Rising, but I wish I had. It's never in stock when I have money, and when I don't there are always tons of copies.

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#2  Posted 7 years ago
dear god that should. be hard
#3  Posted 7 years ago
And I thought my day was boring!
#4  Posted 7 years ago
good luck man, you'll need it...
#5  Posted 7 years ago
hard for him... i don't think so... beat him and beat him good
#6  Posted 7 years ago
how much dammage does the mega man gun do?
#7  Posted 7 years ago
good luck with the survival challenge
#8  Posted 7 years ago
In response to comment #2, that's how it was for me for a lil' while.
#9  Posted 7 years ago
sounds like fun : )
Sounds really bad : (
#10  Posted 7 years ago
wow....seems like no will let you forget your defeat......Take a picture of Burnie singing in the shower or something as blackmail to get them to shut up, and years from now you will still have that picture to look back upon and laugh. Thats what I would do, of course that would involve the possibility of seeing Burnie naked so nevermind.
#11  Posted 7 years ago
evilcrash9 DatGarrus
Best of luck?
#12  Posted 7 years ago
... This game looks fucking amazing.
#13  Posted 7 years ago
that's awesome. i still need to get the survivor achievement as well. but all these hours at gamestop doesnt give me enough time to do so. good luck!
#14  Posted 7 years ago
lol, nicely done man, now it would be pretty freakin sweet if you also showed a vid on like the best momments ever on your 7 day survival
#15  Posted 7 years ago
Mortphutemax OhSnap
I gave up on that game, i could never get all the damn bombs..........but anywho good luck in getting the 7 day survivor achievement
#16  Posted 7 years ago
Love the little jumps at the end.
#17  Posted 7 years ago
i believe they need to make a old megaman game again

maybe against zombies, that would be the ulitimate crossover
#18  Posted 7 years ago
haha, this video is just too funny.
i liked the jump for joy at the end
#19  Posted 7 years ago
Woohoo! Hopefully that dastardly Burnie doesn't try to foil your plans.
#20  Posted 7 years ago
oh that is so awesome!
#21  Posted 7 years ago
madmanmoe Muslim4Life
pwn zombie, PWNED!
#22  Posted 7 years ago
burnie Cast & Crew
I did it faster.
#23  Posted 7 years ago  |  + 7 Funny
geoff Cast & Crew
#24  Posted 7 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Sdn Sponsor
Mmmm running over zombies...
#25  Posted 7 years ago
save it for the next Competition guys : )
liked the little jump dance at the end.
#26  Posted 7 years ago
In reply to gfunk, #1:

#27  Posted 7 years ago
Nice, I really wish I could play that game.

Hey! to relieve the monotony, why don't you do all those cliche'd things everyone does, like traffic cones on the zombies heads, and find new and interesting ways to kill zombies with salad forks.
#28  Posted 7 years ago
jaly223 Breathing
That looks fun! I am glad I put that on my wishlist for Christmas this year.
#29  Posted 7 years ago
Gavino Cast & Crew
The best part was the celebration. Congratz, dude.
#30  Posted 7 years ago  |  + 2 Cool
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