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Grifball, Politics, Valentine's Day....Alright, thank you to everyone who jumped over to my new account. I'm very happy to actually have a profile under my "real" name as opposed to a pseudonym...especially one that I had to add on letters to so I could get it.

Really quick, if you want to join my Stinky Challenge, go do so now. I have enough people to launch the contest, but I'm going to hold off until Friday at some point so we can get some more people. Basically, starting Friday, the person with the most NEW gamerpoints over 30 days will win a free subscription to GameFly for a Year. If you don't know what GameFly is, it's a service like NetFlix but for video games. Very cool.


I'm proud to say Team America is now 7-0 while scoring 36-0 in the last four games. We are well on our way to stomping towards an inevitable matchup versus the Marathon Runners at the end of this week. As awesome as Cannonball vs. American Dream was, Team America vs. the Marathon Runners will be that much more huge. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Super Tuesday was today...if you can, did you go out and vote? If you did, did you vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton?

Valentine's Day is coming up as well, who wants to be my Valentine? Knuckles? Geoff? Gus? Finch? One of Finch's "Friends"? Flash??

Hour of Victory Update:

Almost done with the game with the Sniper. (Bull) I seriously think the game is breaking the more I play it. Characters now will lose their animation cycles and just stand there with their arms splayed out while bullets fire from their weapons. It's pretty nutty. I've found that I don't have to replay EVERY level with the extra characters as you get achievements only for certain stages completed...don't tell Geoff.

That's it for now, I'm sure I will have plenty more to come. Thanks for jumping over to my new profile!
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7-0 while scoring 36-0
Dude...holy ownage.
#1  Posted 7 years ago
we own!!! congrats on the ,move!
#2  Posted 7 years ago
didnt vote... but intend to in the big election... first time ive felt the need to vote... and it will be against billary

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#3  Posted 7 years ago
In response to #3.

Who is billary? Oh, well. I bet MooCow would be your Valentine! Wait, he's 19.
#4  Posted 7 years ago
I can send you cookies for Valentines. You could be mine.
#5  Posted 7 years ago
Why even bother in finishing that game?

And not because of the achievements.

I mean its just a cheap rip off of call of duty.

#6  Posted 7 years ago
evilcrash9 DatGarrus
Valentine's Day is coming up

Don't remind me.......
#7  Posted 7 years ago
armyman09 Who
I can not wait till your team plays marathon runners. I hope they do another broadcast game like they did with American dream vs. cannonball.

I am on Team L.I.E and in division 1 there isn't a lot of big teams we have to face now. And we are 8 - 0 so nothing exciting in Division 1
#8  Posted 7 years ago
FinchLynch Sponsor
What?!?!? We gotta play against you?

Modem standby is on standby....
#9  Posted 7 years ago
Heck yes! Go Obama '08!!! Woot! Man, i can't wait to hear about that matchup, sounds like a doosy! Good luck.
#10  Posted 7 years ago
i would vote for Brock Obama, but i'm canadian
#11  Posted 7 years ago
Super Tuesday was today...if you can, did you go out and vote? If you did, did you vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton?

#12  Posted 7 years ago
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