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jack Cast & Crew
The Pinnacle of my LifeTomorrow is going to be the coolest day of my life.

I've been working with the Alamo Drafthouse to set up what would be my Make-a-Wish 'wish', except I'm not dieing of some rare disease. My wish: A reunion screening of The Wizard with Fred Savage in attendance.

It's happening. Tomorrow.

I've worked with Ain't It Cool News, The Alamo Drafthouse, and Nerdcore to set up this once-in-a-lifetime event. We managed to the get director, Fred Savage, and Luke Edwards (the kid who played The Wizard) to all come down to Austin to have two super-special screenings with Q&As afterwards.

...and I get to introduce it all.

The Wizard is seriously my favorite movie of all time, and I get to present it on the big screen to two sold out theaters. Holy crap that is so awesome. Tickets for the event sold out in THIRTY MINUTES.

I seriously may be struck by lightning before the week is out...if I do, know that i lived a happy life.

Oh, and my stinky challenge is going to start tomorrow...you should join, you could win a year subscription to GameFly just by getting achievement points.

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thats one of my all time favorite movies!

thats the first time i remember seeing anyone actually have "The Glove"

and i wanna kick the blonde kid in the shins..he was a fucker.

and i always wanted to see if i could beat them ALL at SMB3
#1  Posted 7 years ago
jeckon JalepenoFace
I remember that movie...I also went to see it in the theater...I hope you have an awesome time...
#2  Posted 7 years ago
rudie11 RollerDerby
Sounds like a awesome event!

Have a great time!
#3  Posted 7 years ago
DSchneider TEXANS
Well shit, can you get me in? I had no idea this was happening, and I would kill to go.


<3 Fred Savage and The Wizard.
#4  Posted 7 years ago
Jillers Sponsor
My biggest regret in life is that I never saw The Wizard to the best of my knowledge.
Then again, there have been a lot of movies I've apparently seen and don't remember, like Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Black Cauldron and The Little Mermaid...

..sometimes I wish I were someone else who HAD seen The Wizard. I think about how drastically that may have changed my life....
#5  Posted 7 years ago
I can't say that I ever saw it, so I can't get as excited as you. It's pretty sweet though, no matter what.
#6  Posted 7 years ago
w00t. lolllololololololololololololololololololz
#7  Posted 7 years ago
#8  Posted 7 years ago
Trev Chicaaaago
Dude, that is pretty fucking cool. Please, PLEASE wear a Power Glove!

It would have been +10 cooler if you managed to get Jenny Lewis to show up. But I guess Kevin Arnold is a pretty sweet deal.
#9  Posted 7 years ago
A fave movie of mine as well, congrats on getting it all put together! You'll have to let us know how it turns out. =)
#10  Posted 7 years ago
Ok, when you're up there introducing this event, try not to have a nerdgasm in front of hundreds of people, ok? Oh, and although it may be a night you'll always remember as the best of your life, Fred still probably won't respect you in the morning.
#11  Posted 7 years ago
'I love the power glove, Its so bad' I want the power glove then Id wear it and be a bad ass
#12  Posted 7 years ago
OMG that feakin epic!!! you are AWESOME!!!!
#13  Posted 7 years ago
Sad to say that I've never seen it but will look it up immediately!
#14  Posted 7 years ago
FinchLynch Sponsor
And if Jenny Lewis was a complete failure, she would be there as well. </burn>

Also, best fred savage scene is in The Rules of Attraction: "I can feel my dick!"
#15  Posted 7 years ago
this is a freaking awesome movie...i watched it today
#16  Posted 7 years ago
charizardag Sponsor
I have got to see this movie, I saw the trailer and it looks great.
#17  Posted 7 years ago
Hey Jack, How did the screening go?
#18  Posted 7 years ago
VertigoX TGTMedia
That was a great film. I remember watching it and thinking it was amazing. Then Mario 3 was played and I was blown away :)
#19  Posted 7 years ago
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