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I'm so sick of fucking fanboys/girlsok yes RvB is an aweomse website and an awesome community. But these fucking fan boys and fan girls who range from 5 years old to almost 30 years old is just ridiculous. Burnie, Geoff, Gus, even Ben. ANY Rooster Teeth web Admin/Staff member could write the stupidest thing or gayest thing like just writing "Chickenbutt" or "I'm Gay" on a blog, comment, comic, or video and all the fucking fan boys and girls will mod the shit out of it saying oh funny or ditto or awesome. WHATEVER. Nobody pays attention to fan boys and girls anyway, we all hate them lol. seriously its annoying and embarrassing. I know probably nobody ever reads my journals since I'm a nobody but at least I'm a nobody who knows how not to BE FUCKING ANNOYING AT LIFE!!!!!
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