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She has arrived!I have been tracking this package since last week, and finally today it came! Serioulsy, I did a happy dance once the UPS guy left I was just so happy to finally have this figure after waiting an entire year for it.

Even the boxes themselves were super cool, seeing the WETA logo on the shipping box was just so bad ass!

Here is the base of the stand, I had no idea that this figure was limited to only 1000 pieces. I was lucky enough to get 431, first 500 FTW!

Here is MC's hand which is also the base for the Cortana figure. I had no idea this statue came in two pieces which makes me feel much better about displaying it.

The hand itself is made out of a very strong and sturdy plaster

Here you can see the little groves and holes used the hold the Cortana figure in place.

This is the base of Cortana, the peg goes into MC's finger and the corners of her chip rest into the grooves of his fingers.

Cortana herself, made out of a very lightweight resin so there is not much weight at all when you display her.

Close up. I am so happy I purchased this figure, it is simply gorgeous and a testament to the amazing work WETA does.

Here are the two pieces displayed together
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Oh wow! I am really jealous now that is quite an awesome figure.
#1  Posted 5 years ago
Brad Swatactus
looks cool
gratz on first 500
#2  Posted 5 years ago
She's so beautiful.
#3  Posted 5 years ago
LouisWu Sponsor

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.....if you guys ever have a yard sale let me know....I'd like to buy that.
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So pretty! I'm jealous!

Hopefully I can get my hands on the Phazon Suit Samus figurine...
#6  Posted 5 years ago
I think I love you...
#7  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
So jealous. That is gorgeous.
#8  Posted 5 years ago
ACLTerror Dad to 3
freakin awesome! you made it on xbox.joystiq.com too!
#9  Posted 5 years ago
I didn't remember it being that tall!

How tall is it?
#10  Posted 5 years ago
Gorgeous! It is even better than I remember it being when I saw it at CC last year. I so want one!
#11  Posted 5 years ago
That is one seriously cool collectable! Does she 'light up' or glow holographically?
#12  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to ACLTerror, #9:

If I had know these pics would have been all over the place I would have taken them somewhere nicer than my kitchen LOL
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pgw_chaos Minecraft
Wow cool collectable. One of the better figures I seen.
#14  Posted 5 years ago
I'm caught up in figure fever too. I just bought the whole set of The Legend of Dragoon figures on eBay the other day.
#15  Posted 5 years ago
If I had known it was purchased from Weta in New Zealand, I could have tried to sort you out with the local discount.
You know how everyone in the world is separated by 6 degrees of separation - in NZ, its only 2.
So I would have totally known someone who, who knows someone who could have hooked you up

You think I'm kidding, there is even a mobile network named 2 degrees.

Explanation here

"Hope we get porridge" tee hee
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I am so jealous
#17  Posted 5 years ago
bigngreen Whr is evry1
T__T....... that is sooooo awesome!.......... T__T....... hey how big is the chief's hand compared to yours?
#18  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to bigngreen, #18:

Chief from the base to the tip of his finger is about 9.5"
Cortana from the her chip to the top of her head is about 10"

#19  Posted 5 years ago
monopoly_j SavedByGrace
That is just awesome!
#20  Posted 5 years ago
damn, that is really freaking awesome!
#21  Posted 5 years ago
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