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ORANGE PEELSthat is all.

It's fuckin cold here. except today. it was almost 80. it was in the 30's yesterday. the fuck is going on???

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Did you move?
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Owning a house costs neary if not, twice as much a month.

But heres the fun part's.

Every payment you make, makes you closer to making money when you sell the house.

When you want a new fridge, you dont have to fight with the owner to get the one you want.

All money put into it, just helps you, and not somebody else.

Just make sure you can make up to $2500 a month that will go towards the house. For Morguage payments, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, cable/internet bill. Stuff like that. Plus whatever it costs to pay for your car each month/6 months.

It costs me alot more then my townhouse I was renting did, but I think its worth it.
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Where are you?
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If you're gonna be there for awhile there's no reason not to.
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How much do you get from VA each month? If its alot, that could be your house payment. Then you just need to make the money for everything else.
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Depends on your goals really and if you can afford it, and if you're planning on staying put.
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