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Book of EliSaw the Book of Eli on Saturday.

The matinee was pretty empty, just the way we like it.

I thought it was a pretty good movie, but hard to rate.

If you are looking for lots of action, I would give it a 6 (lots of quiet parts in between)
If you are looking for Sci Fi I would also give it about a 6 (not really sci fi, just post-apocalyptic)

Over all I would give the movie a 7 for the story, setting and acting, interesting but not overly unique.

There is some graphic violence but it's not overly gory.
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My boyfriend saw it yesterday and he liked it a lot. I wasn't really in the mood for that kind of movie so I opted out... maybe I'll have to see it.
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The gore was pretty interesting because it was mostly in shadows unless it was by gun and in that case it was mostly "oh I fell" so when the shit hit the fan you'd see limbs flying but it wasn't to the degree of desensitization.

I think Eli is going to be the next 6th Sense. Pretty awesome/unexpected twist at the end.
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monopoly_j SavedByGrace
Thanks for the info.
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Sounds like you weren't overly impressed.
#4  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Zing!
Well, I'm not sure if I'll buy it on DVD or not.
#5  Posted 5 years ago
So maybe you can settle a bet with a friend... Where do they get the title from? Is the guy named Eli or is it like a forgotten book of the Bible?
#6  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Zing!
In the movie the main character answers to Eli,
but there's a scene where you get a look inside his knapsack and you see a sticker that says,
"Hello, My name is Eli"
So, either his name is Eli, or he just took the name.
He later says he has a King James Version of the Bible and after starts quoting Genesis.
So it is definately not a forgotten book/chapter of the Bible.
#7  Posted 5 years ago
Im most likely going to see it on DVD, looks interesting though.
#8  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
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