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Trev Forum Mod
Hmmm...I'm posting this from an iPad. I just... I just don't know. Holding and typing on the keyboard is kinda a pain in the ass. And there's no way to adjust the way the screen shifts from portrait to landscape, it's way too sensitive just like the iPhone.
It's cool and all, but honestly I'd wait till the 2nd or even 3rd gen before even considering getting one.
That is all.

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Gavino Cast & Crew
can't you lock the screen whoosh?
#1  Posted 4 years ago
Trev Forum Mod
Yea but then it's like all or nothing. It's just too sensitive. Tilting it more than just a few degrees makes it switch and that gets annoying.
#2  Posted 4 years ago
Brittewater Sponsor
No matter how generations change, it's still going to be the same shape and a pain in the ass to use.

Just say no.
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^ haha i totally forgot whose account i was using.

but yeah, the pad didn't bring anything new to the table or try to change things, it just made them bigger. if i was going to go touchpad, i'd check out the HP slate. definitely seems easier to use, more practical, more bang for your buck
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Trev Forum Mod
^ Microsoft's Courier has potential to be completely awesome as well.
#5  Posted 4 years ago
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