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My ComputerMy computer Gladys is like a cat, I've realized. She makes purring noises. The only time I hear the hard drive is when it's running antivirus scans, and it makes PURRING NOISES.

It's like if you wrapped a mattress around a coffee maker and let it brew--bubbly and soothing.

My computer is Zen... ~_~ Nice after a long day haggling for new tires and a trip to the gym.

Just an observation.

=_= ~*(cyh)*
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#1  Posted 4 years ago
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#2  Posted 4 years ago
so your computer purrs when its getting virus scanned that is an interesting observation my computer sound like a dentist drill when the fan works
#3  Posted 4 years ago
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In reply to blueD3mon14, #3:

I think every computer has its own way of expressing emotions.
#4  Posted 4 years ago
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