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Warmth and ChillAfter a short announcement over the dome-wide intercom system, there was a moment of silence. A commemoration of the day that humanity nearly was extinguished from this world and the passing of the man who provided our people with the warning and means to withstand the danger that faced them.

Several years ago, scientists studying the sun began noticing small fluctuations in the energy of the core reverberating all the way to its surface. The scientists noted and kept watch for more of these variations in energy for a couple years, however red flags began raising when these fluctuations became increasingly powerful. Four years after these occurrences began, Dr. Glazdon Letaro, the head of the Outer Space Solar Analyzation and Research Department (OSSARD), began formulating a theory that in fact the core of the Sun was in fact reaching a limitation in its processes yet unknown to science. He felt that the worst case scenario would be that the core or the sun was tearing itself apart and would eventually destroy itself. After working further into the possibilities, he put his findings into a presentation that included possible scenarios and even went as far to include potential solutions and preventative measures. He brought his findings before the House of Representatives but they did not feel that there was enough truly supportive evidence to prove even the best case in his findings. Another year passed and the fluctuations continued to worsen as if the star was suffering from an internal battle. With more data, Glazdon decided not to make the same mistake twice and took his findings to the United Nations. With his improved presentation and an included live feed from a satellite telescope showing the shifting light and energy of the star, representatives were still skeptical. However Russia and Germany agreed that it was better to be prepared for something as dire as this and the remaining countries followed suit.

Preparations were made and the instability of the sun increased. Resources were set aside and the foundations laid for the preventative measures and for a time nothing significant happened. But on August 16th, 2010, the worst thing that could have happeneddid. Like a magic trick, the Sun winked out of existence and a moment later a blinding flash of light exploded out and disappeared just as quick. Scientists dismissed the secondary explosion as an ambient energy release from the density of the Suns collapse. Fortunately there was ample time to prepare and domes were erected around the worlds larger cities and their surrounding areas. The science behind the counter-measures is relatively simple, but at the same time the logistics necessary for such feats is difficult to fully understand.

Its been 1400 years since that day and technology has advanced significantly. The domed cities have emergency self-repair systems and are connected by vast underground networks that are protected from the frigid cold the planet now finds itself in. Heat is created by small artificial suns at the ceiling of each dome, placed in special spherical housings that block the ultraviolet radiation as well as automatically shade to mimic the suns passage through the day back when it was still present. Culture however has not advanced quite as much and many of the styles and practices from that era are still used. Holograms, highly advanced medicine, and many other breakthroughs have been made. Also with the fall of the sun, mankinds subconscious need for battle and combat has been relatively quelled and replaced with survival and advancement. However in the interest of self protection and forethought should a threat ever arise, they continued and advanced their weaponry and military strength as a background project. In the process, police and military positions merged into the same designation with the more isolated lifestyle humanity now lives. Firearms are still projectile based but are optimized to where the strength of a Desert Eagle is packed down into a 9mm without the drawbacks. Similar comparisons can be made to the other grades of firearms (rifles, shotguns, etc.).

It is fortunate that their fighting power was kept relatively current as a new enemy has risen that thrives in the cold of the outside world. No one knows where they came from or what theyre after, but they have shown to have the power of manipulation over cold temperatures, able to produce and utilize ice as well as create concentrated winds using pressure changes caused by the lower temps. The name that has been given to them is the Caldaj, and the defining feature that seems to attract the most attention is their almost glowing ice blue eyes. The attacks have been completely random by all appearances so far. The foot soldiers of the enemy have significant stamina and endurance (It takes about half a clip of ammo in the chest to incapacitate them) while shadowy figures that appear human in form have been spotted in the background and are believed to be the leaders of this force. The domes that have been attacked recover and study what happened, even retrieving specimens of the enemy soldiers. However dissections have yielded no findings on how they are able to control the cold temperatures with such precision. For now measures are being made to protect against such attacks, but they have yet to be put into place and with no telling when and where the next attack will be there are currently no real countermeasures except putting as many holes in as many enemies as possible.
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(Still playing with names, but I might keep this one)

Colonel John Varson opened his eyes after the moment of silence and looks around for a bit at his office before picking up his pen and signing the remaining papers and reports sitting before him on his desk. He sighs and places the papers in the outbox at the upper corner and sets his pen down and leaning back in his chair. He lifted his arm and looked at his watch, 6:00PM and "sunset" soon to approach. She smiles and stretches a bit.
"Another day gone by without incident, it's mind numbing."

John was a relatively laid back but always open and friendly young man throughout his life. Now 29 years old, his personality may not have changed much but that has not seemed to have an effect on his career. In fact, his calm disposition and strong work ethic has pushed him quickly through the ranks of the military-police. Despite all of this, his personal quarters aren't always in the best condition and his appearance isn't always picture-perfect. Fortunately his subordinate is there to keep him in shape. Back in the first attacks by the Caldaj, John managed to track down one of the enemy troops. When there was nowhere to run, the creature made an odd and seemingly suicidal attack, charging at John with claws ready and surrounded in a chilling aura he had yet to see or read in any reports. Lt. Colonel Varson managed to shoot the creature twice in the head with his sidearm and kill it, but in the process received a deep set of 4 gashes from its claws diagonally down from his left side across his lower chest and stomach. The gashes felt terribly cold and when he woke up in the hospital a couple days later, the doctor told him that an unknown radiation of some kind had affected his body. The results of the attack had left Colonel Varson with 4 long scars, a purple heart, a promotion to Colonel, and a new ice blue eye color in his left eye identified with the Caldaj. (One eye is ice blue, the other is the normal dark brown/black)
(To clarify, there was only enough energy infused from the strike to physically alter his eye color. Colonel Varson does not have any resistance to or ability to use ice attacks or anything similar or advantageous.)
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"I can only pray it stays that way, sir."
Entering the room with almost ghost like silence, 25 year old Alexis Hidaka stands in uniform in front of the Colonels desk. 'Alex' as she's commonly referred to as, is a more strict and orderly young lady, contrasting the colonels flaw in organization nicely and keeping him in proper posture. A war orphan from one of the larger attacks, Alex joined the armed forces at an early age as opposed to becoming an orphan and being adopted. This caused her to progress faster through the armed forces due to her learning everything on paper before she was able to actually join official classes. She stands at about 5"8 and has had training on policing duty, which allows her to carry a sidearm even when being 'on duty' simply means doing paperwork all day, which she hardly minds.
"If your work is all done sir, I can distribute it accordingly and bring in the documents for tomorrow morning. I would suggest you check morale. Although this is a day of mourning, it's depression can far outlast it's stretch of day."
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Varson sighs and shakes his head.
"Should be a day of celebration, or everyone would have been dead."
He picks the papers up from his desk and holds them up to Alexis with a smile.
"Thanks Alex. And leave tomorrows work where it is. I've seen enough black and white for one day."
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The young blonde, hair tied up snugly behind her head, minus bangs, takes the finished paperwork with both hands, then holds them under her arm. The Lieutenant never usually gave much thought into whether this day should be thought of mourning or celebration, since she was usually too wrapped up in work and preparation for the various events that took place on this day, though mixed feelings from both sides seem to spark relevance to her.
"Will you be attending tonight's festivities?"
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Varson smiles.
"I wouldn't miss a chance to see you out of uniform. And I really do need to get out of this office."
He stands up from his chair and stretches a bit.
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Alex's professionalism drops a bit when she see's the Colonel conversing casually.
"If I wasn't so sure you could monitor my transfer papers, I swear I would have requested it months ago."
She sighs, her slight eyebrow raise and smirk reflecting the humor behind her words.
"The events start at 1800 hours. Should I expect to have to judge your appearance at 1750 so you don't make a fool of your self again, sir?"
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The colonel laughs lightly with a grin.
"I wouldn't have called that as making a fool of myself, I thought they went well together and you managed to salvage it anyway. Besides, I'm going to try extra hard to look good tonight so that you can enjoy yourself as well."
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"I'll be skeptic until proven wrong, sir."
Alex salutes and tightens her grip on the Colonels paperwork.
"I will rendezvous with you at the designated tables for those under your section of command if that is all, sir."
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"Thank you Lieutenant. And also for the thousandth time, feel free to drop some of the formality when we talk. You know I'm not a stickler for that kind of thing."
He smiles and walks around his desk towards the door to his office, grabbing the coat off the hook on the back before opening it for Alexis and himself, of course gesturing ladies first.
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A young teacher writes a B+ on a final paper and lays it on top of a stack of papers with more grades on it she leans back in her chair with a sigh "Last one" She happens to look up at the clock and see what times it is "Crap! Im barely going to be able to get around!" She gets out of her chair grabing her jacket she rushes out of the class room after shutting all the lights off.
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Khan was looking at his hands again. They were unaturally smooth, yet he was a specialist. He looked over to his DMR, a standard Battle rifle but with slight modifications for ranged fireing. Really it just had a scope and better recoil control and a bayonet. Just looking at it he could totaly dissmantle it in his head. Khan looked at his armor, patched previously damaged but hastaly repaired. This too he knew the ins and outs of. Heart rate, how long he could run before becoming winded, the best escape routes from his bunk. Why did he know all that? Why would such a soldier have such smooth hands? Why couldn't he remember?

Looking at the clock, Khan realized it was almost time. He doesn't remember last years celebration but he knew the importance of the event and all that led up to it. The gun was put in its case, the armor dusted and stored, his revolver stayed at his hip as he set out. Fatiuges for pants, and a black shirt, his dogtags, revolver ready at his hip. Besides the armor and DMR, it was all he was given when he woke up, it's all he would take. While taking one last look in the mirror he runs his privliged hands through his copper hair. "It won't be long. Soon I'll have new orders" His green eyes glaring back at himself. "Nothing else matters"
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As the teacher walked out of the classroom and down the hall, a young man wearing a dark pale green backpack, with strong orange hair and green eyes, strolled down the hall in the opposite direction, looking out the windows as he made his way towards the cafeteria. The young man's name was Apollo, named after his grandfather and others of his family generations previous. He didn't pay much attention to the instructor as she hastily made her way towards the school's exit.
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"I acknowledge your request, and for the thousandth tiime, humbly deny it, sir."
Alex nods slightly and steps out first into the hallway with her documents in arm. After one last nodding goodbye gesture, she begins to leave to her respective destination to deliver the paperwork :3
"Have a good afternoon, sir. I will see you this evening."
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Varson sighs and smiles at her response. He nods in return as she departs.
"See you tonight."
He shakes his head and grins as she rounds the corner.
"I think I'm getting through to her."
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The teacher noticed apollo but was in to muchofa hurry to pay any more attention. As she walks out she starts to undo her hair from it's bun she steps outside and her blonde hair shines brightly in the artificial sun. She starts off towards her small apartment
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Alex distributes the neccessary paperwork before heading home to her apartment. She unwinds for a little while and decides to shower, prepping herself for the night to come. She takes her dress out beforehand, laying it out in preparation and getting herself all prim and proper for the festivities at hand :3
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Khan sees Varson turn the corner. He instantly snaps at attention as he begins to pass
#17  Posted 4 years ago
In reply to ANTX81, #17:

Also he's saluting
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(Alex turned the corner, Varson's just leaving the office now.)

Varson indeed follows out of the offices soon after Alexis. He holds his coat on his arm and heads towards the exit so that he can head home as well and get ready for the evening's event.
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(they both outrank him so he'd do that to both of them as they passed. Still they're probably used to it)

Khan doesn't have any transportation, but he's also prepared. He knows on foot he'd make it before the start.
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(I hate this computer I use at times its so slow it frreezes and I had a HUGE thing typed up and I lost it ALL :( :( :( :( :()

The young teacher walks into her apartment and lays her jacket on her couch as she walks into her bedroom and looks at the mirror the young women is 24 year old Coral Waber. Standing at only 5'3 she wans't the tallest but her dark blonde sholder length hair and peircing green eyes always caught some ones attention. She sighs a bit as she looks at a picture of a young girl and her mother that is stuck in the corner of her mirror. She just shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath as she turns and gets ready for the evening's events

(That just took me almost 15 minutes to type because the computer is so slow it wouldn't keep up with my typing so i could see if i made any spellings errors which i proably did)
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(What's his rank :o?)

As he meets Alex in the hallway, she salutes him back while continuing to walk.
"At ease, soldier."
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(Specialist. It's the one after private)
"Yes ma'am." Khan barely goes "at ease" his arm drops but he still stands at attention once she's got a lead on him he turns and follows her out practically marching
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Alex pays no mind to the coincidence, though wonders and pays attention to how long they're going in the same direction, out of curiosity.
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Depends. If she heads to the motor pool to drive to her house or to any parking for that matter they'll split up after this doorway. If she's walking home he'll folow her out the main gate and if her home is on the way to the celebration well. It's going to be a strange walk
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Considering the situation and what time it was, Varson lets out a casual "At Ease." even before Khan manages a salute. He gives a nod and smile as he passes the soldier. He makes it home to his apartment and hops in the shower, getting cleaned up before shaving, brushing his teeth, etc. He heads out of the bathroom and raids his closet. Being a casually formal event, he pulls out a dark gray silk button down, a black tie, sport coat, pants, and shoes. He actually looks quite sharp, but his tie is somewhat crooked and one side of his shirt collar is sitting outside his sport coat. He smiles and heads out for the event.

Apollo sits next to the window of the cafeteria and looks out at the city as the light begins fading, a bottle of tea in his hand.
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Alex gets into her car and drives to her apartment :o
As the time to depart draws near, Alex finishes getting ready, sporting a red formal shirt with a black skirt with a gold necklace accenting both the shirt and the Lieutenants blonde hair, which is somewhat curled behind her with crimped bangs parting in one direction over her radiant face. She wears matching heels for her bottom, though doesn't go overly fancy with them, and finding her lips an acceptable shade of red already, decides to leave them as is. She wears a thin black coat over her attire as she heads to her car, purse in hand, ready for the nights festivities.
Alex's attire :3
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Khan begins his march to the event. No special dress or shower before he goes there, after all the base was his home. Without a car it would normaly take him a bit longer, but without any prep he gets there a few minuets befor the start. All the while jogging to his destination
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Varson was never someone who was big on cars, rather having a much bigger interest in motorcycles. As technology from humanity improved, as well as the lack of fossil fuels now available, humanity turned to renewable electrical sources for energy. With extensive research scientists developed a miniaturized capacitor that fosters and increases its own energy, so long as the capacitor is not fully depleted before it can recharge itself.

Varson rides up on his motorcycle and parks it at the corner of the block before hopping off and walking towards the entrance to the building where the commemoration party is being held. He walks up the few steps and inside before looking around a bit.
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Khan notes Varson's entrence. He immedietly puts out his smoke and stands at somewhat attention. Being that there's only a handfull of people this early he's kinda obvious "I wasn't aware you would be attending as well sir"
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