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Chris Cast & Crew
Chris Cast & Crew
How I got a job at Rooster TeethSo a lot of people ask me how I got a job at Rooster Teeth and I figured it's about time I explain myself. Marshall and I have been in a comedy troupe called Lark the Beard for several years now, best known for our web-series The Wingmen and for Zach Anner's travel show videos.

We met Matt and Burnie after entering a short film contest where they were the judges. After seeing our stuff, they decided to hire us to help write and produce some projects for Rooster Teeth when they needed extra help. After about 8 months of working on a project-by-project basis, Marshall and I were offered full time jobs at RT.

Rooster Teeth is a really fun place to work and for those who are interested in finding jobs at companies like this, I have one piece of advice. Create your own movies, drawings, animations, etc. and find your own creative voice. And don't wait until tomorrow, or next week, or next year; do it now. I started making videos in middle school and in 10th grade, I wrote and directed a TV show for public access with my friends. I've worked on dozens of projects since then and yeah, some of them were crap but at least I constantly learned new things and improved.

So if you wanna go into the film/videogame/entertainment industry then start making stuff now. Start putting videos up on Youtube, submit entries to all of the Rooster Teeth contests, draw, hire a lobbyist for Congress, film machinima, and write.

Anyway, that's my motivational burp for the day. I'm gonna go eat some cookies.

Lark the Beard Comedy Troupe:

Zach Anner's youtube:

The Wingmen web-series:

P.S. Isn't the the new RvB trailer awesome? I'm really excited about the next season.
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Cassner Sponsor
Couldn't I just "take care of" Jack and get his job?
I'm being deadly serious, deadly serious.
See I can write and I think my message came out loud and clear, I give out great back rubs.
That what he does right, back rubs and the occasional foot?
#1  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 6 Funny
Cassner Sponsor
I would love a back rub
#2  Posted 2 years ago
Aren't you the person that gives OUT the back rubs? :P
#3  Posted 2 years ago
Drazsyr Domo Kunt
Well you have a very informative first journal.
#2  Posted 4 years ago
You go eat those cookies sir, you eat them and enjoy them. Your here at RT and Lark the Beard have been nothing less than amazing. Good work to you and the rest of your troupe. Thanks for the advice and have keep up the good work!
#3  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 5 Ditto
manofchance Superhuman
I have my first mashinima in the making right now so who knows? Maybe we will be coworkers someday
#4  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Colleen Sponsor
Thanks for that advice! I'm looking into film and I haven't done a whole lot towards my career.
I already started to make random movies and stuff now and this helped.
#5  Posted 4 years ago
Caiti Velvet
I'm really proud of you & Marshall You guys are really great role models and the quality of work you're producing now, just shows how much effort you've consistently put in over the years. Congratulations
#6  Posted 4 years ago
BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Good advice, great work.

Now I can't stop thinking of serious speeches ending with "I'm gonna go eat some cookies".
#7  Posted 4 years ago
IHuntZombiez Sponsor
Dude I checked out your website and I gotta admit, you guys make some pretty awesome videos!
#8  Posted 4 years ago
Very cool dude. You are a very talented and lucky guy.
#9  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
I'm going to be working with you some day
#10  Posted 4 years ago
deud deudued dude. im really assum at makin vids nd i mad 1 of my cat jumping off a tabl. can u plsssssss tel berny to let me have a job.

Congratulations on your new job Christopher.
#11  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 3 Lame
Caiti Velvet
I can't go to Zacs youtube. It's not available in Australia. Devastated.
#12  Posted 4 years ago
This post is pretty inspiring. Makes me want to get up and do something right now! >:O
I'm going to pass it on to my friends interested in creative and entertainment fields.
#13  Posted 4 years ago
Bradley Minister
Sound advice. I'm actually writing a short movie that I'll be shooting this summer.
#14  Posted 4 years ago
I'd love to do what you do, and I would follow your awesome advice, but unfortunately I lack a little thing called talent
#15  Posted 4 years ago
Agent_Cain Pro Lurker
Excellent points all around. I have really put off getting my creative side on and honestly its really hard to start this late in the game when I'm busy with all the stuff I'd rather not do but have to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to get behind the wheel and stay there though. Either way this journal is an inspiration to make sure I do what I love and start now.
#16  Posted 4 years ago
Well, the guys at Rooster Teeth have certainly picked a winning new employee. Great journal, great advice, and also, great job! Make that job count man!
#17  Posted 4 years ago
dumbcook444 Im Da Bess
You and Marshal are great additions to Rooster Teeth. And hopefully yall can take this great company further.

P.S. Thanks for adding me
#18  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Any advice for a 20 year old who knows a bit about NLE, video production, and a bit about writing, but nothing about After Effects or any graphics editing? I'm in school for communications and broadcasting, but I want to learn more on my own.
#19  Posted 4 years ago
I'm actually in preproduction right now with a guy to direct a short film that I've written. I never thought I'd actually get to this point of making a movie but it's actually happening and I can't wait until I have the finished product.

I really couldn't care less if I never make a penny off of it, just the fact of making it is making me outstandingly happy. I'm just passionate about it. But I'm gonna do whatever it is you're supposed to do with completed short films. Film festivals and showing it around and all that.
#20  Posted 4 years ago
I'm glad you joined with RT. All the new shorts your in are amazing. Not to say when you were in wingman, well let's just say you were fucking awesome.

Anyways, I hope to see more from you this coming year man.
#21  Posted 4 years ago
In reply to adamspartan, #20:

Cool! Make sure you send it into Rooster Teeth

you never know they might like it!
#22  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
Cool! You sound like me right now, but you were more accomplished at my age. I've made a handful of videos for classes, and I was going to make a funny horror short film about my chemistry teacher, but then she threw a raging fit, threatened to sue me, said I had brutalized and slandered her "good" name, and then got me into in school suspension for two days, which is twice the minimum punishment for disrespect. I shouldn't have even been punished for to begin with.

I just want to make it even more now.
#23  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 1 Cool
RetroChicken Sponsor
What was the video about?
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Her... and her craziness. A Bloody Mary parody. It was a good idea.
#2  Posted 3 years ago
urbanphoenix fox
Awesome advice. I've been trying to improve on my stuff right now. Hopefully I can do something as awesome as you guys.
#24  Posted 4 years ago
kriss Forum Mod
Cool beans. Gratz on making the team.
#25  Posted 4 years ago
MannyC13 Red Shirt
Thanks man! Me and my friends are already working on a machinima called The Failings, now i know were are doing the right thing starting at 15 :D its what we love doing.
#26  Posted 4 years ago
Well, wasn't this insightful? Yes, I think it was.
#27  Posted 4 years ago
Watching some of the vids in the links. Loving it. I'm Rofling alot XD
Also thanks for posting this. Lets me know that I could get a job at RT one day if I try 8)
#28  Posted 4 years ago
File does not exist.

Sorry, I don't see any resemblance.
#29  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
so How do We Join or W/E?
#30  Posted 4 years ago
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