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CovertLady83 Sponsor
*YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWN*Oh my goodness has it been a long time since I wrote here. I just woke up and had the urge to return to the forums after my incredibly long absence. Though maybe I should have come with a plan about what to write first....





Okay, okay, that was not really helpful. I'll write something more entertaining next time. For now I am up to finish getting up and to finish my homework before my class tonight.

Ja ne,

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HOWtwoROCK Stand User
nice to see you online again ^_^
#1  Posted 2 years ago
PaulHikari Dreamer
Hey. Cheddar is a good type of cheese.
#2  Posted 2 months ago
CovertLady83 Sponsor
Meh? It's not honestly one of my favorites. I prefer Swiss or mozzarella.
#3  Posted 2 months ago
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