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This place has changed... Not in a bad way, just changed.

Man I havent been on this website in years. Over the past few months I've caught up on all the recent ep's, laughing through each one like I've been without an old friend. I used to go on this little web site called redvsblue.com every day after school. I would be up with people on the fourms waiting for the new video to come out, going on "metal" forums and was a part of the shit talking. Oh the days of feeling like somebody could beat you at the internet. Looking back at all the pictures I upload (half I dont even fucking remember) I just think man I was gayyyy. Really? you took a picture of yourself with a biology book while grinding something? I guess I thought that was cool or something. And boyy, did I think Prog metal was cool. I wish I could have gone back and said listen matt, one day your gonna play guitar in a pop band. NO no, its not going to go anywhere or be anything technical but its going to be some of the funnest moments in your life. Oh well those times are gone. Good times.They started 6 years ago. I think I may just make this page into a personal journal source. I may begin writing as no one else is watching, I dont plan on posting in any forums or anything else along those lines. If you wanna read then read, but dont let my nostalgia stop flowing. Thanks all, thanks.

- Matt Miller
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