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kylebrodeur brodeurdotme
They never give up...

Good Day and God bless as I introduce my self to you with all faith and hope you will understand me and not to betray me at the end.
My name is Mike Kamara. I am the Only child of late Dr. Johnon Kamara, I am 17 Years old, my father died years ago in our country Mende, Republic of Sierra Leone following the political uprising, He was into solid minerals, diamonds and gold mining saleing which was under his positions in government then, and he has succeeded in saving ( US$6.0000,000.00) which was deposited in a bank here in the country,Lome Togo which is where I am presently staying.

I am contacting you with full trust to assist me and transfer the fund to your to your country as my late fathers foreign business partner for investment purpose hoping that you will not let me down. I have all the vital documents which covers the deposited fund with the bank.
This is my reason for writing to you. I will be very happy to offer 30% of the total sum as you help me claim and transfer the fund to your account.Please if you are willing to assist me, indicate your interest in replying soonest.

Thanks and best regards.
Mike Kamara.
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Is it like a scam or something?
#1  Posted 3 years ago
kylebrodeur brodeurdotme
Oh yeah, spam email.
#2  Posted 3 years ago
Treyrs20o9 To RTx I Go
You know, if I ever get filthy rich to the point that money isn't an issue for me, I'd like to create a 'spam' email offering a large amount of money. I'm really going to make that one guy/girl who falls for these day.
#3  Posted 3 years ago
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