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Kerry Cast & Crew
Fun in VegasNow that a little time has passed I thought I would make a journal about the IAWTV awards, but more specifically, Vegas. I had a really fun time there despite being 20 (the legal drinking and gambling age is 21). There we some people that were very adamant that there was no way that I could have fun in Vegas, and that it was in fact cruel to send me. I thought I would take some photos of my fun times in Vegas to show them that anyone can have fun in Vegas!

Here I am checking out an aquarium at a casino, man they have so many cool things here!

Relaxing by the pool, we had a whole house to ourselves!

One casino was Venetian themed and had an awesome painted ceiling, these places have everything!

Here I am checking out a Venetian style mall, so fun!

Just being around the excitement was good enough!

Hey look! We won!

Dinner with the crew afterwards!

Playing Ping Pong at our house, so much fun!

The Bellagio water show sure was a sight to see!

Check it out, a boxing match!

See, you don't need to be 21 in Vegas to have a good time!
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When you turn 21 they should pay for your trip to Vegas
#211  Posted 3 years ago
did anyone notice George Takei in the background of the dinner pic?
#212  Posted 3 years ago
lingpanda24 Sponsor
I wonder what Kerry was playing throughout the entire trip, and kudos for having the Zelda 3DS!
#213  Posted 3 years ago
corsair Well crap
Hmm. This got me thinking - I wonder how it would be to sit at one of these tables (roulette, blackjack, etc) with Joel?

It would either be extremely fun or irritating.

Now I understand why they had him play Caboose. :P
#214  Posted 3 years ago
Halfway through the awards you hear "HOLY SHIT! MY BATTERY'S LOW!"
#215  Posted 3 years ago
Love that you actually brought the DS and actually played it like you said xD
#216  Posted 3 years ago
Kerry, what game are you playing? O.o
#217  Posted 3 years ago
Ah that's how i'd enjoy Vegas you seem to be a man after my own heart.
#218  Posted 3 years ago
Kerry got a lot funnier in my eyes
#219  Posted 3 years ago
the only thing for me that would make it funny is if there were girls poll dancing or something and Kerry's sat there playing his DS and not noticing the girls
#220  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
That'd be hilarious!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
nothing but DS lol
#221  Posted 3 years ago
I thought it was a phone and he was texting. But then I saw picture 6. Its a DS. Nice Kerry.
#222  Posted 3 years ago
ehehe you're awesome Kerry
#223  Posted 3 years ago
In reply to Kryszajtys, #6:

Yeah i think that is and she looks mad
#224  Posted 3 years ago
Dude...Kerry this made my day HAHAHA
#225  Posted 3 years ago
Looks like the DS is coming back( In Kerry's mind)
#226  Posted 3 years ago
speeder98765 Sponsor
what games were you playing?
#227  Posted 3 years ago
just a man and his DS
#228  Posted 3 years ago
Only one more year Kerry.
#229  Posted 3 years ago
AjFayad37 Sponsor
lmfao i can totally relate i live in Canada and the legal age here is 19 so i still have to wait a year too until i can go to bars with my friends and not always be worried of getting kicked out
#230  Posted 3 years ago
it has been proven that you dont have to be of age to enjoy vegas, but a DS is a necessity.
#231  Posted 3 years ago
xxDeederxx Goldleader
Jack has to be pissed.
#232  Posted 3 years ago
Guns_for_Red Sponsor
Holy shit +666! Hell loves Kerry
#233  Posted 3 years ago
#234  Posted 3 years ago
gokucody666 Sponsor
HAHAHA this is by far one of the funniest post's I have ever seen on Rooster Teeth good job Kerry haha. ESPECIALLY THE BOXING ONE!

#235  Posted 3 years ago
#236  Posted 3 years ago
Lionsin Sponsor
lol Jack got own
#237  Posted 3 years ago
poor u kerry :'( maybe next time!
#238  Posted 3 years ago
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
#239  Posted 3 years ago
I go to Vegas once a year with my Mom and Brother, my experience is exactly the same as Kerry's.
#240  Posted 3 years ago
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