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jack Cast & Crew
8 Bit Texas??One thing I've never had is a tattoo, and as I've gotten older the desire to never get one has slowly diminished. I'm at a point now where I think I would actually be cool with one as long as it was cool, unique and meant something to me.

That being said, I think I came up with the perfect idea for a tattoo for me, but the problem is, the image doesn't exist.

I want to get an 8-bit version of the state of Texas.

When you Google "8 Bit Texas" the first result you actually get is a piece of art my friend Lance did for me, ironic.

So, this is where I lean on you, the power of the internet. Are you an artist? Do you think you might have an idea of how to incorporate the state of Texas with an 8-bit look? For reference, I'm thinking something similar to the tree in this image.

For those of you interested, this is the state of Texas. I was thinking about incorporating the flag colors in with it as well, if that makes sense. Something simliar to this.

Now, if you were ever wondering if your art could grace the arm of someone someday, this might be your chance. I have 0 artistic ability, but there is bound to be a few of you out there who might be able to pull something like this off. Feel free to post links in the comments or graphics or posts telling me I'm an idiot for thinking about getting a tattoo.

Internet... GO!
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Do what you feel you need to jack. It would be cool for now, but imagine what it will look like when your old and your skin is sagging.

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#1  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 9 Lame
Jacks already old. Now is the perfect time to get one!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
As long as Jack_P_Beard is pleased with the tattoo
#2  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 9 Funny
BlackPenguin Guardian x5
Yeah, 8-bit Texas is cool. But 8-bit Jack beard? Now that would be something.
#3  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 14 Funny
Sounds like a challenge
#4  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 13 Cool
I was thinking about giving it a go...but now that I know you are lol I might as well quit now

I still might make one just because
#2  Posted 3 years ago
8 bit Hyrule Map of Texas

#3  Posted 3 years ago
MusicMeister Sponsor
looks like someone needs to re-watch this:
#5  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 9 Funny
Kisty Cat
I will cook up something tomorrow
#6  Posted 3 years ago
HAKURU_15 Sponsor
actually Jack, i think that sounds pretty cool man.
#7  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 3 Ditto
Trioxis Sponsor
sounds like a great idea, this link tells you how to do it to any image
#8  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Cool
Do it. It's your body, why not use it to express your passions? I'm going to get a triforce, AC logo, deathly hallows symbol, and possibly maybe the pure pwnage hands or something.
#9  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
This may seem a tad radical, but I was planning to get tattoos of the gun shots Ezio got during the siege of Monteriggioni.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Oddree13 Sponsor
Similar to you I have 0 artistic ability, however, most higher end tattoo shops do custom designs for a tattoo and if you find an artist that seems like s/he could do the trick ask him/her if they can mock up a design for you
#10  Posted 3 years ago
Sadly it was already linked to... so I can't use my awesome RvB skills:

You are a god damned idiot.... I would like to prove this mathematically if I may...

#11  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 2 Lame
Awesome hopefully it turns out epic
#12  Posted 3 years ago
Horuko Sponsor
I think it would look great, especially with your family living there for so long. Should make a Texas coat of arms with it.
#13  Posted 3 years ago
Already made one in my profile pics
#14  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Image link here
#15  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Cool
Don't skip over this one, It's actually quite good!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
I tattoo needs to be an expression of yourself. Will you still be proud of this tattoo in 20 yrs. I know that I am going to get 3 tattoos. One will be a memorial for my grandparents. The other one is a skull with a irish brotherhood knot. And the third will be my grandpas cattle ranch brand. He passed away september 30th, 2010. He is my inspiration for two of my tattoos.
#16  Posted 3 years ago
PeteG Wannabe

Something like this? I can modify this some more if you want me to
#17  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
Creeper_Face Sponsor
What starts off as a Texas tattoo looks like a Florida tattoo in about 30 years.
#18  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 8 Funny
It's your body, do what you want with it, Jack. Just think about what it's gonna look like in 20+ years.
#19  Posted 3 years ago
DrunkTanker9 Sponsor
I'll try and make a kick ass one tomorrow, gotta finish some software updates that I haven't used in a while
#20  Posted 3 years ago
Aaron Sponsor
Challenge Accepted, Jack!
#21  Posted 3 years ago
Aaron Sponsor
Finished one. It's on a grey background so you can see it easier.

#22  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 11 Lame
Aaron Sponsor
However, it looks more blurred than 8-bit when it's not in photoshop
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Sounds like a really cool, unique image! My only caution: don't get it too big. Large tattoos, especially ones with large blocks of color, rarely look very cool. They look more like a toddler rubbed finger paint all over someone.

You want:
Unique, detailed, modestly sized, but above all, well thought out.

Can't wait to see it!
#23  Posted 3 years ago
samurix7 RTX Guardian
I'm excited to see what people will send. I can always try and make something for you.
#24  Posted 3 years ago
RTassassin Sponsor
you can get what i'm thinking about gettin and that is, the Assassin's creed emblem on your forarm. Like it is on the armor.
#25  Posted 3 years ago
RTassassin Sponsor
Or the Abstergo crest on your left/right shoulder blade.
#26  Posted 3 years ago
Hoorah Forum Mod
8bit Texas? This actually sounds like a job for my amazing artistic ability in MS paint! I'll cook up something later.
#27  Posted 3 years ago
Red420 Guardian2015
I wonder what a 8-bit Florida looks like. Probably like a censored penis.
#28  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 6 Funny
solicemoon Sponsor
fuck that get an achievement hunter or roosterteeth tattoo.
#29  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 1 Lame
Jack is going to get a tatoo?! That's it! I'm turning over!
#30  Posted 3 years ago
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