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Well I Guess This Is Growing Up (reprise)just got off the phone with Traincan, they like the video i did for them and they want me to do about 10 more videos for them this year. not too shabby they will be selling them, so i can't share them with you here. private screenings only :P

in other news:

been playing Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, great game. it's got the original PS2 game and a prequel game, Born From A Wish, which i will be starting soon, as i beat the main game last night (i got the "Leave" ending for those wondering). playing this has reminded me of some of the parts of Mass Effect 2 and 3 where it feels like you are going to be ambushed at any given moment, but no one attacks you. i didn't have any of the Playstation consoles, so this was all new to me, and i loved it, weird controls be damned.

i didn't get the HD collection since i heard there are serious problems with it, like audio drops and the fog not being full and obscuring sight (which, if you've played the games, you know that these two are the most important parts of the fucking series in terms of an effective horror atmosphere). the lack of fog also shows parts of the game that were incomplete due to the fog covering it up in the original.

not that Restless Dreams didn't have its share of problems... okay, i only found one, where they incorrectly assigned textures to wrong surfaces (textures for a generic on an elevator floor, for example), even that was fixable by reentering the area or reloading the game.

Mass Effect 3 will get free ending DLC to clarify and expand upon the existing endings. i'm fine with this, as i did have a few issues regarding the execution of it, but i could live without it. from the sound of it, it looks like they will be delaying paid DLC to do this... kinda bummed at that, to be honest and i hope they at least announce something at PAX. it's still a good PR move though, and free stuff is always cool.

and speaking of PAX, anyone who is going, please grope Tybee Diskin for me, if she is there. she plays Scar in Fallout: Nuka Break.

i shall end this on that creepy note :P

that is all.
end communication.
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I finally finished ME3 the other night, and I agree; I wasn't necessarily HAPPY with the ending, but I was satisfied. I'm going to wait a few months to play through with my FemShep so things are a little more fresh, and I might add in the extended ending for that one.

I'll be in Boston this weekend, but not at PAX. If I see Tybee Diskin around town, I shall commence with the groping as long as I won't get arrested. ;)
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