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#RTCQ Levels (we hate)Hey RT,

The time has come. After reminiscing about your favorite game moments last week, it's time for you guys to vent all of your frustrations against the virtual bastards that made your life a living hell!

What is a level you played over and over again because you JUST COULDN'T BEAT IT?

There's a little Michael Jones in all of us. Why don't you let him out in this journal?

My answer:
[EDIT: Totally just realized my answer wasn't posted]
Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Level: The Fire Temple

Surprised? Yes, it is true; I had an insanely difficult time traversing the Fire Temple because of a STUPID LEDGE THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST! Okay, so SPOILER ALERT, there's a room in the Fire Temple where you jump around on metal platforms while a wall of fire chases you. In this room, there is a locked door. Now, this door sits atop a rather tall structure in the middle of the room and it appears that trying to jump to this ledge would end with a dip in the lava pit. So, I tried everything else. Hook Shot? Nope. Bombs? Nope. Hammer? Nope. Every single song on the god damned ocarina? That's a big NOPE.
Finally, I cracked. I looked up a guide, I searched for the Fire Temple, and I couldn't believe what I read.

"Jump to the ledge..."


All I had to do was JUMP!? BULLSHIT! There was no way that little fairy boy could make such an impossible leap!

But of worked.

But you know what? I still think it's bullshit. The climbing animation is totally off, you should not be able to make that jump, and dear god, NAVI IS USELESS.

Whew! Glad that's out of my system!
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keith2282 SR2
Your answer.....?????
#1  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Ditto
Neefertiti Wraith
I think his answer is "No Level" because he's awesome at games?
#1  Posted 1 year ago
keith2282 SR2
I looked around for the link to click to see the rest of the post and it wasn't there. I felt punk'd for a moment...
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Radius55 Site Admin
That's easy. Halo Reach, Nightfall, LASO
#2  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 7 Ditto
I ditto'd this. Seriously, fuck that level. It's so annoying.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
believe dude its only when you play it first time.
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Meat Circus in Psychonauts immediately comes to mind.
#3  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Cool
David_Mac Sponsor
My sister beat that level before I did, and that was the first game she'd ever played...
#1  Posted 1 year ago
I hundred percented that game and I remember I loved it, but I cannot remember that game!
#2  Posted 1 year ago
The final level in ninja giaden on very hard for the original Xbox was a bitch that makes me angry Just thinking about it.
#4  Posted 1 year ago
The last level of Ninja Gaiden 2
#5  Posted 1 year ago
Neefertiti Wraith

I teared up a bit from remembering I just beat this game less than two years ago.
#6  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 5 Cool
Lab Rat on trials evolution, i can't get the fucking achievement >:(
#7  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Funny
Hayk Bottle Jail
#8  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 6 Funny
manofchance Superhuman
Piston hondo from the first punch out

when I was younger I used to never be able to dodge his rain of punches special move and even on the recent Wii punchout that move is still very hard to beat
He may have been the first boss but beating him felt like beating mike tyson himself

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#9  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Hotpocket36 Guardian x4
First level of Halo 2, legendary co-op. My buddy and I could never beat it and broke some things because of it.
#10  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Funny
I would have to say FREAKIN' Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64!!! I hated that with a passion when i was little, but now....its still the same.
#11  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 4 Ditto
You think that's hard? Try Mario cart double dash when there was No guard rails
#2  Posted 1 year ago
legato2d i remember that one, but this one still had no giard rails in the middle of the track and on most of the turns so its not like it was easy as hell.
#3  Posted 1 year ago
I am currently trying to get through Batman: Arkham City on the hardest mode. I am stuck in Poison Ivy's level (As Catwoman)...I'm punching the couch cushions...I have shouted things in my living room that would make my mother ground my 32 year old ass for months.

Post edited 5/01/12 11:59PM
#12  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 7 Funny
Connor Samurai4life
I've been trying to finish the last Catwoman challenge for a while now. I know exactly how you feel.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Stumpybear Sponsor
The mission in Halo: Reach where you have to make your way into the building, kill the brutes and hit a button. You can either take out Wraiths, Choppers, Hunters, Brute Chieftains and various baddies 1 by 1 or try to ninja your way through the window to avoid everyone and hit the button. Oh - on Legendary. Single player ;D

Oh, and every single fight mission in Mortal Combat: Deception on the xbox.

Post edited 5/02/12 12:01AM
#13  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Funny
David_Mac Sponsor
Mario Kart Double Dash. Trying to win the All-Cup Tour on Mirror Mode. Sixteen levels with warping opponents. Awesome
#14  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Ditto
Trumpetman09 Sponsor
Not a level per-say...however I know that it was on a level! For me it was: finding that last Pokemon in Pokemon Snap. I never figured it out. :(
#15  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Funny
Pealet Sponsor
I cannot get past Poison Ivy on Batman Arkham Asylum. ASYLUM! Not Arkham City! That's a level I've been trying to beat for about 3 years!
#16  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Funny
drhotz Sponsor
Mirror's Edge

The level where the train is in the tunnel and u have to reach the door...
F*** that door...
#17  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 5 Funny
Yep, thats exactly how it played out for me too Miles :( Being a smart arse wasn't worth it!
#8  Posted 1 year ago
drhotz Sponsor
At least they were nice enough to finish the level -.-
#9  Posted 1 year ago
Battletoads Hover Bike level *RAGE*
#18  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Ditto
Oh man, I think we might have a winner.
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Crazy thing is that I beat it when I was 13 but have never been able to do it again in the last 20 years.
#3  Posted 1 year ago
I'd have to say beating Shau Khan on any difficulty past Novice! In any Mortal Kombat
#19  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Ditto
Mortal Kombat: the most one-sided "tournament" ever conceived.

#2  Posted 1 year ago
College Humor did a video about that!
#3  Posted 1 year ago
Aaron Sir Badass
I'd have to say Portal 2 where you're under Aperture. That was just countless tries of agony
#20  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Funny
I'll admit...I got hung up on one of those underground puzzles for over an hour. I had to quit several times due to frustration.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Aaron Sir Badass
You have no idea. I almost got to the point of Michael rage and I was close to throwing controllers
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Can't remember the exact challenge. But it was in Prototype. There all fucking ball-bustingly had. Fucking game....
#21  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
I want the time back :D
#8  Posted 1 year ago
Fucking Prototype...and yet, it's not my most time consuming name nor my not-being-able-to-complete
#9  Posted 1 year ago
NenReaper RTX Guardian
I don't remember where I just rmember THIS game as being stupid hard at one point. And then I came back to it when I was older and wiped the floor with it.
#22  Posted 1 year ago
Shin Akuma from Street Fighter Alpha 2, on my SNES.... He wrecked me all the fucking time. Finally one night I was in the zone while playing Ryu. I DESTROYED him first round, he DECIMATED me second round, and third round was down to the wire... but I finally defeated him... and immediately shut off my SNES, pulled the game out, and have not played it since.. I knew immediately it was a one-time deal that I would never be able to recreate.
#23  Posted 1 year ago
oarnger Go Internal
Any Halo 3 level with the Flood on legendary with the mythic and famine skulls on. Hardest shit ever....
#24  Posted 1 year ago
That stupid level on final fantasy XII where you need to save the stupid princess on the airship and need to fight like 4 judges and a ton of guards. >:(
Someone (me) might have played the game without upgrading weapons and stuff... Ever. And also someone might have thought that multiple save files were dumb and ignored all the prompts that say "you will not be able to leave this place easily save to a new file"
I suck at final fantasy.
#25  Posted 1 year ago
getdown01 RTOZ 2013
The speeder bike level in battletoads in battlemaniacs. Till this day I still haven't completed it
#26  Posted 1 year ago
Username37J Title 167Q
There was a particular level in Jak 2: renegade. i stopped playing it cos i couldn't beat it, came back months later and beat it first time
#27  Posted 1 year ago
The last fucking run in Ninja Gaiden(Black), Master Ninja, the rest of the game you could just advance by chunks, kill a monster over and over and buy fucking everything, BUT the last 2 chapters were straight, no pauses, no saves and NO GODDAMN SHOP!

The 2 chapters went like: monsters, ice sloth boss, monsters with satan's help, tentacle boss, monsters with a lot of satan's help, lava dragon boss, full on bitch satan, bone dragon boss, pissed of satan on his period, all of the above bosses, then satan transformed into a fire-skull shooting super horned skull, then the final boss which was hulk and hades baby, on acid and steroids.

Fuck Ninja Gaiden, I broke 4 Xbox controllers doing that, I came MONTHS after thinking "Time has passed, I'm gonna kick the living shit out of all of them"

Nope, fucking impossible, goddamn it Ninja Gaiden.
#28  Posted 1 year ago
The entire section of Uncharted 3 where you have to rescue Sully from the pirates. Not only was it a challenging section, it had nothing to do with the main story, and the only rewarding part about beating it was that I knew I would never have to play it again.
#29  Posted 1 year ago
jnp08 AK Represent
That title of "Level I can not beat" was from Final Fantasy X and the level: Lord Braska's Final Aeon. For almost 9 years, I never past that boss, until with a help of a friend and an internet reviewer I manage to beat him in little time.

Current "Level I can't beat" title: Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Murai Boss Battle. Even with all of my ninja skills, I still can't defeat this douche of a boss. Completely unfair.
#30  Posted 1 year ago
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