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Non-LITZA Journal: Power of the Pen IIII've said this twice already, but I'll say it again. I participate in Power of the Pen, an Ohio-based writing competition, and (technically) yesterday and Thursday was the State and final portion of it. Disguises, stalking, and bats (the animal, not the man) galore! Oh, and I wrote some stuff.

The campus was nice, as usual. This was the building that I wrote in last year. The one I wrote in this year isn't as impressive-looking.

Jack Gantos, a young-adult/children's author was at the conference, and while he didn't really give me any more tips on writing than I've already learned, he was still a pretty funny guy.

700 writers here participated, though I only actually competed against half of 'em.

BATS. Well, one bat, but it's badassery rivals that of Gantos.

I look like an Anonymous reject. Mind you, it was in the 80's, temperature-wise, so staying incognito wasn't exactly the brightest idea. Plus, I could only see vague shapes and light, so I almost fell down the stairs 4 times.

The same rules apply from the previous competitions to State,except for the Power round. Because there's so many people competing, the judges round up the best 54 writers of the first 3 rounds and gave them one more prompt to write, which from there they decide the winners. Somehow, I managed to get picked. When they called my name, I immediately panicked, got up, and walked straight to the writing place. Apparently, the writers were going in GROUPS, so I was pretty much the only guy walking by myself through the auditorium. To top it off, I decided to vlog as I walked, so I looked like a complete idiot. (This video has since been deleted.) At the awards ceremony, they had this special section for the Power round writers.

All in all, I had a great time. There's plenty of pseudo-stalking details I've left out, but I think I'll keep that on the DL. Oh, yeah, and I got in 11th place overall. I finally have a new drink coaster.

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Myshu chupariffic
Sounds like a bad ass time!

So, what's with the bat(s)?
#1  Posted 3 years ago
The dorms we stayed in weren't exactly the nicest...
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Sounds pretty fun. That building in the first picture looks amazing! I'm totally confused as to why you were wearing a hat over your face though
#2  Posted 3 years ago
I like to do random, irrational crap when I'm with friends. Also, I'm dumb.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
haha Better than being all serious and boring
#2  Posted 3 years ago
I like how you included the picture with the stalkers.
#3  Posted 3 years ago
Zeddy0525 SnatchMaster
You should have eaten the bat and absorbed his powers.
#4  Posted 3 years ago
Finally, someone with some good advice around here.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
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