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Steven GDiff
Steven GDiff
Two birthdaysSo between yesterday and today, I have two important birthdays to talk about. The first one, yesterday, is that of Canada. Yes, it was Canada Day as you might have heard, and many parties were thrown around the country. One of the biggest ones is in downtown Ottawa which is, if you were unaware, the capital of the country. My family and I went together around 10:00am, first to drop off Barbara at the airport for her flight back to Austin, and then to downtown.

The first thing to note is that the amount of people milling about is immense, especially around the Parliament buildings and a nearby park called Major's Hill park. Stuff to do includes concerts, tons of food, street performers, interactive demonstrations and more!

One of the primary things my family does on Canada day is to partake in the annual chicken sandwich meal in Major's Hill park. The way it works is, there is a competition for the best chicken sandwich, and then the winner is the one served to the public, so it's different every year and almost always delicious.

A view of the Parliament buildings:

Lastly, we went to the National Gallery and saw the Van Gogh exhibit. No pictures were allowed on the inside, so here's one from the outside:

There were also fireworks at 10pm but we went home around 3, as we did more of an afternoon thing. We saw a pretty cool trampoline show from some street performers before leaving though. Oh and one last thing I saw downtown before I forget:

Not real unfortunately :(


The other birthday I wish to mention, the one that is today, is that of my sister Barbara. This will be her first as an employee of Rooster Teeth, and I'm sure that won't be lost on her. This job has meant everything to her and whenever asked, she can't say enough about how incredible it is, even though, at the moment all she can likely think about is RTX and how soon it is and how much work still needs to get done :)

So happy 23rd birthday Barbara. May you get cake and joy and happiness

As a bonus, here is a random screencap I still have from a tinychat a while ago:

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Thank you for this screencap.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Jteeth Jtetth
Flattering screen cap there. Your pictures are making me even more upset that my work decided to give me a six and a half hour shift in the evening yesterday.
#2  Posted 2 years ago
My brother can make that EPIC face :p
#3  Posted 2 years ago
Dopp whatever
Wow... This journal makes me want to come up for Canada Day. That sammich looks yummy!

...I just said "yummy"

I blame the kids.

birthday text sent. birthday hug pending. to arrive within the week
#4  Posted 2 years ago
Trevor Sponsor
It's funny because Lauren asked me last night "I wonder how crazy it is in Ottawa on Canada Day" and I replied "Only a few of my friends from the Internet would be able tell me, sweet jewel"

All of that is true, except for the sweet jewel part. That part was weird I don't know why I wrote it.
#5  Posted 2 years ago
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