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gus Cast & Crew
gus Cast & Crew
RTX Lost and FoundDid you lose something at RTX? Because we found some stuff. If you lost something at the event email lostandfound@rtxevent.com

Please describe what you lost and if we have it, we will re-unite you with it.
2 years ago  |  Comments (57)  |  + 124 Cool
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I lost my 13' spiked dildo. Did you find it?
#1  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 29 Funny
Wait, I just realized that you're all talking about the 13'. Does the SPIKED part get no reaction?!?
#5  Posted 2 years ago
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#6  Posted 2 years ago
Wulfboi The Friendly
That's pretty cool of you guys. Though, couldn't you just go and use that stuff to build a Burnie Statue outside the office?
#2  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 3 Funny
I lost a RED Epic, do you have one of those?
#3  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 5 Funny
Nope but have you seen pieces of my heart? A girl broke my heart and ive been looking everywhere but i still cant find the pieces lol
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Note: All items may have been touched by Jack's beard.
#4  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 13 Zing!
In that case I suppose they can keep them. There is no telling what is hiding in that beard anymore.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
I lost 5 million dollars. It looks like......5 million dollars, so if you could go ahead and send that back to me, that would be great.
#5  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 7 Funny
Accipita Sponsor
My dignity
#6  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 15 Funny
MattRice Sponsor
I lost around $15,000 in small bills?
#7  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 6 Ditto
i lost my virginity there can you help me fine it?
#8  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 20 Zing!
bmurray2250 Sponsor
Seems many people have the same problem.
#4  Posted 2 years ago
Bow chicka bow wow
#5  Posted 2 years ago
You found my 13' spiked dildo?
#9  Posted 2 years ago  |  - 6 WTF
My computer's all stupid. Sorry for the repeat. :/
#1  Posted 2 years ago
dacalac teh spy
I've lost the beard (pictured in my avatar). Last seen on Geoff & Jack.
#10  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 5 Funny
Juls Sponsor
I lost my boyfriend @Gdiff It seems he got on the wrong plane and ended up in Canada. Silly boy.
#11  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 6 Funny
Dirt410 110Percent
I lost a sample of your blood, can you send me another?
#12  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 3 Funny
I think Gus would prefer serious comments..
#13  Posted 2 years ago  |  - 2 Ditto
From a community that's based around a comedy web-show?
You silly person you.
#2  Posted 2 years ago
Gus would prefer a lot of things.
#3  Posted 2 years ago
EuAndo Big Kahuna
It seems that by coincidence I lost all of my RT DVDs whilst I was there, did you happen to find any?
#14  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 3 Funny
TPaz korokva117
someone took the fucking sniper rifle
#15  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 6 Funny
i lost your hard drives. you know the ones with all the upcoming rvb episodes on them
#16  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
ragingterror Forum Mod
I'd like to be reunited with my Canon 5D MKII. Last I saw it, it was strapped to a Z-Rail on the back of a green truck parked on the expo hall floor...

Where could it have gone?
#17  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 4 Funny
SailorGirl81 Polymath
I lost my wits and found someone's mind. It was a good trade.
#18  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 2 Zing!
I lost a credit card! the name in it says burnie burns
#19  Posted 2 years ago  |  - 3 Lame
I think iLost Tucker's Sword. He lemme "borrow" it :P
#20  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
Surely you don't mean his... "sword" (bow chicka bow wow).

If you do, I suggest you get your ass to the nearest clinic to have some tests run.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
I lost my respect for Toby Turner. Did you find that?
#21  Posted 2 years ago  |  - 5 WTF
#1  Posted 2 years ago
I lost my big box of money? It's in a pirate chest, any other probably isn't mine.
#22  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Ethan Designer
I lost my phone...White iphone 4gs...
#23  Posted 2 years ago
i lost money can i have some it is green and rectangular
#24  Posted 2 years ago
Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my Mind the most
#25  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 3 Funny
SailorGirl81 Polymath
I think I found it....Dibs!
#1  Posted 2 years ago
I need pizza or a cab. Do you have one of those?
#26  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Zeddy0525 SnatchMaster
I lost a small Mexican child. Let me know if you find him, his name his Horatio.
#27  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
I lost something, or rather it was stolen..
Gus HELP! i know you don't run the website much anymore.. but i need your help here.. i messaged Jack about this issue.. plz.. when he getz back.. have him show you my messagez i sent to him.. my account was stolen by a smart phone that stayed signed in, the person didn't have my password.. but the app didn't sign out when i signed in from a diff location aka platform.. my account is blue_kurt, that was stolen.. my new gay facebook RT account is KurtEh.. can you plz just check into my blue_kurt account and tell me if my e-mail has been changed in the past 3 dayz plzzzz... i tried entering in my e-mail that i put in when i created my account.. it wouldn't tell me if my e-mail was in your database.. i have received no e-mail, to a password request in my e-mail.. which leadz me to believe, the person signed into my account and simply entered a new email address and password... plz.. i know there'z something you can do.. reset my e-mail to [email protected], so when i request a password change.. i actually get 1.. just look at my account.. i am a sponsor and i have been on your site for yearz.. i would like my account back plz and thank you.
#28  Posted 2 years ago  |  - 4 WTF
Filing a ticket OR Email is a better way to get a response.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
if you cant recover/reclaim it let us know so we can mod it to oblivion
#2  Posted 2 years ago
The plans for the Death Star, it'll look like the blue prints for a planet.
#29  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 6 Funny
Bgphantom Sponsor
I've got a bad feeling about this.
#3  Posted 2 years ago
MajorGray3 Sponsor
Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
#4  Posted 2 years ago
oarnger Sponsor
I lost a pre-release copy of Halo 4, need it back ASAP!
#30  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 6 Funny
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