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July 19th 2012So "The Dark Knight Rises" drops tomorrow. I'm actually attending a "Triple Feature" tonight starting at 6PM where they will be showing "Batman Begins" followed by "The Dark Knight" and then at midnight the debut of "The Dark Knight Rises". It's going to be an interesting evening to say the least and a long ass day. I'm sure most of you are looking forward to this flick. I'm expecting it to be dope. We all have that part of us that wishes to be a superhero. Or at the very least guys want to be billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Should be a good time. Get at me.
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My girlfriend and I have been planning this for about a month. Got some sandwiches to sneak into the theatre too. It's gonna be great! Hope your experience is an amazing one Lamar!
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Yo B, my boy told me this was going down about 2 weeks ago and asked me to jump on. Felt like I couldn't miss it. I'm feeling the sneaking the sandwiches in idea too. I might have to hop on that! Hahaha Enjoy that shit man and we'll discuss tomorrow!
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I almost saw it yesterday! My dad was the lucky one who saw it yesterday! He said it was very long! I hope you like it!
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How come you didn't go with Pops?? It is nearly 3 hours long. Did he like it?
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it was an exclusive screening! He decided to take my cousins instead of me! He said that it was way too long. But personally I have no idea, I'd still go see it!
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Wow! Boohoo Pops! Hahaha Did you see the last one? I'm sure you'll like this one
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