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gus Cast & Crew
gus Cast & Crew
Podcast Day and iTunes PollToday we have a brand new podcast brought to you by audible.com. Go listen to a book or something.

We of course also have a brand new animated adventure highlighting the story of Burnie losing his cell phone in Australia.

During this week's podcast we mention that iTunes is holding a poll to decide what gaming podcast to highlight in September. You should totally vote for Rooster Teeth. We were winning by quite a bit earlier today but some other podcast has passed us. Show them who is boss!
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#61  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
The Creatures are very similar to Rooster Teeth, they do machinima, gaming commentaries and live action shorts. But their podcast is very unprofessional compared to yours. I hope Rooster Teeth wins.
#62  Posted 2 years ago
What is Creature Talk?!?!? GO ROOSTERTEETH!
#63  Posted 2 years ago
I just want to say that you guys deserve to win. Creature talk don't deserve jack shit. They haven't uploaded a podcast in over a month. You guys are like always on time and there's a new podcast every week no matter what. I really hope you guys win! :D
#64  Posted 2 years ago
Paradigmical rosnopS
RT is always in the top 40 podcasts, how can we be losing?!?!
#65  Posted 2 years ago
dimitri1229 Sponsor
its weird, the creatures a HUGE RT fans
#66  Posted 2 years ago
EVERYONE! the creatures are in the lead by OVER 4000 VOTES! so if you have facebook post the link and tell all of your friends to vote for roosterteeth and send the link to all they're friends so they can vote for RT! and it would keep going over and over again!
#67  Posted 2 years ago
LesGrossman Sponsor
Speaking of Itunes. Why did Itunes remove Red vs. Blue ? The music is still there. But the show is no longer there
#68  Posted 2 years ago
pinpower Sponsor
If you could vote in the UK I'd be all over this...
#69  Posted 2 years ago
I defiantly voted for RoosterTeeth
#70  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
It's a velodrome (veh-low-drome) not a "veel-o-dome"! They stop to get a good position which is behind the first sprinter. They want to slip stream behind to reduce their air resistance which means they use 30% less energy than the person in front, so they can reach a higher speed and overtake on the last lap. However sometimes, the person that's in front will start sprinting to surprise their opponent so the gap is bigger and slip streaming has less of an effect. It's all about tactics and sprinting ability. Read up on it more, it's really interesting!

Those are only the basic reasons why they do the strange stopping and then full on sprinting, there are many more factors as to why they do things that look odd at first glance... Sorry, I just love all types of cycling and thought I would give an explanation because you seemed confused! I'm surprised you've never seen it, I thought it was popular everywhere! Sorry if this is terribly written, i'm very tired!
#71  Posted 2 years ago
It doesn't matter how long I have been with the Creatures and listened to the Creature Talk, but come on! They don't even do the Creature Talk anymore! The Rooster Teeth Podcast, on the other hand, is extremely funny compared to the constant down times of the Creature Talk. It is a shame SlyFoxHound mentioned the running on YouTube. Come on Rooster Teeth community, we got to pick up the slack!
#72  Posted 2 years ago
Man, I hate not being able to vote! If everyone could vote and not just the US, RT would be DESTROYING everyone else.
#73  Posted 2 years ago
Nik Sponsor
Damn i wish i could vote. Hope RT wins!
#74  Posted 2 years ago
As much as I love the RT podcast and wait for it every single Wednesday, this poll is for a gaming podcast.

And as awesome and hilarious the podcast is, it is certainly not a gaming podcast. Gonna vote for Giant Bomb.
#75  Posted 2 years ago  |  - 1 Lame
marsm1 Sponsor
man if all of us foreigners could vote we'd kick creature talks ass id put money on it
#76  Posted 2 years ago
What the hell is Creature Talk? And why the holy fuck does it have over 14,000 votes?
#77  Posted 2 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
About the podcast and airports. First off I love the PODCAST!! Two weeks ago I flew with my 89-year old grandpa and for some reason they let him bring nail clippers on the plane so Burnie maybe T.S.A. is soft on old people, but who knows. Also on our way back to Salt Lake City, we stopped in Atlanta and what TOTALLY blew my mind there was a smokers' lounge INSIDE the airport. Crazy Right?!?
#78  Posted 2 years ago
Aeonfox Sponsor
If ITunes didn't hate Canada I would vote
#79  Posted 2 years ago
Gamerdw Sponsor
Voting for the RT Podcast was pretty much the only time I've used Facebook in the last two years.
#80  Posted 2 years ago
jmmyugi Sponsor
#81  Posted 2 years ago
GodslilTippy Mrs Mommy
I dont understand D= RT must win!!!! So the prophesy can be fulfilled!!!
#82  Posted 2 years ago
LarryFishmas Cartoon
I voted for Rooster Teeth yesterday went back to check today and it said I voted for Creatures. Perhaps this happened to others. I just can't see RT losing by that much.
#83  Posted 2 years ago
MattB64 Animator
I want to vote, but I don't live in amurika. and I don't think they accept votes in spirit :\
#84  Posted 2 years ago
Yeah Creature Talk is winning best of luck to you guys though! Just remember the Creatures got you most of the viewers in the RTX stream and helped you beat up kerry.
#85  Posted 2 years ago
modecate Sponsor
Gus, ive noted a few comments, etc by Burnie over the last couple of podcasts, that made me take extra notice and wonder if somethings have changed for him. Hope he's okay, cause like the rest of you guys your important to us. Give him all our best
#86  Posted 2 years ago
reading some of the comments and apparently because I am from Canada I can't vote? Really wanted to help. Hope RT wins. Best podcast on the net in my honest opinion.
#87  Posted 2 years ago
#88  Posted 2 years ago
predator2888 Sponsor
RT podcast #1
#89  Posted 2 years ago
HAKURU_15 Sponsor
I lost my phone too man... but hell I am going to vote for RT
#90  Posted 2 years ago
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