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Important RvB question!!Is the Agent Texas in Season 9 and 10 the real Alison? I just realized that because the Texas we know is Beta and they don't get the artifact that splits up the Alpha until after we see Tex in the flashbacks of the old project freelancer, that must mean that that Tex is the real one?
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itoa5t Sponsor
I don't think so, im pretty sure she is a robot with the Beta AI in it (http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/Tex) but im not absolutely positive, I also think that the real Allison died when the director was young(er) and that's why alpha church gets so angry/sad when he is informed Tex has died.
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Spartan973 Sponsor
They don't get the Sarcophagus until Season 9, but Beta/Agent Texas was a full AI that was emitted spontaneously. She isn't a fragment made by torturing Alpha. In fact, that's what gave the director the idea that he could do that. So the real Allison was a marine and Agent Texas is the Beta AI.
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jmmyugi Sponsor
That sounds legit but how do you know that?
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Spartan973 Sponsor
Ceebs making this all spoiler, so if you haven't seen up to the latest few episodes, then don't read it.
As for not having the sarcophagus, well we see when they get it, so we know that Tex was there before the sarcophagus.
As for Tex being a spontaneously emitted AI, if you go to the bit wh...
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Aruseus493 Reddit
In reply to jmmyugi in reply to Spartan973.

This is pretty much seen/said in season 9.
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