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mattcorry Matt Corry
mattcorry Matt Corry
Photographs of the Burnie statue.Photographs of the Burnie statue taken in Burnie Tasmania.

This little guy has been on quite a journey.

Described by Burnie in a podcast.
Animated by Jordan in an animated adventure.
Sculpted by Kala Kromer as an RTX Sidequest auction item.
Won by : Ninjaspectre, Desayjin, and mattcorry
at the RTX Sidequest Auction at Buffalo Billiards. Thanks guys for trusting him with me.

Special thanks go to the convention ninja Count3D, who found me on the Sunday at RTX, and helped me get backstage with the statue for an appearance during the Podcast.

(Co)winning the statue of Burnie on the silent auction at Buffalo Billiards was something that has given me great joy and pride.

It has also given me many sleepless nights, worrying that the statue would still be wrapped up in it's FedEx box by the time of RTX 2013.

Mission accomplished.
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alynnidalar Spiderwash
Best guy ever. That's awesome!
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Rickyjuk Sponsor
Of all time.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
thinkofaname Sponsor
#2  Posted 1 year ago
FiLpInOpRiDe Black Sun
#3  Posted 1 year ago
Haha, Love it!
#4  Posted 1 year ago
indyrenegade keelahselai
'bout time! Glad to see you two made it!
#5  Posted 1 year ago
Shame Burnie can't march in a parade in honor of him...
#6  Posted 1 year ago
iztari Sponsor
#7  Posted 1 year ago
farachea Sponsor
Amazing. Simply amazing. Carpe Platypi!
#8  Posted 1 year ago
brad2411 Sponsor
#9  Posted 1 year ago
SailorGirl81 Polymath
Fantastic! Well done!!

(standing ovation)
#10  Posted 1 year ago
Haha the statue finally made it there! Good work Matt!

PS Who's that other guy holding it? In front of Bendigo Bank :P
#11  Posted 1 year ago
Ah ok. Awesome! Yeah hi Ryan!
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Ryan0 Sponsor
Hello to you both, I'm just glad to be part of such an important event.
#3  Posted 1 year ago
Myshu chupariffic
Well done, sers.
#12  Posted 1 year ago
#13  Posted 1 year ago
Clutch84 Sponsor
It's about damn time. All hail the awesomeness that is Burnie Burns!!!

one question, where can i get one??

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#14  Posted 1 year ago
mattcorry Matt Corry
There is a Burnie statue bobble head arriving at the RT Store soon.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Sib888 2013Guardian
Congratulations, Matt!

I've been excited to see the results of this photoshoot ever since you told me about it at RTX 2012, and I am not dissappointed. Well done, sir!

Hopefully the statue makes a safe return to RTX 2013.

And you, of course. You are more important than a statue.
#15  Posted 1 year ago
Mikey88 SQ Spectre
Well done good sir!
#16  Posted 1 year ago
#17  Posted 1 year ago
night09ninja Sponsor
They really look like Burnie :)
#18  Posted 1 year ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
i love everything about this
#19  Posted 1 year ago
MaryFairy Vokken Prawn
So cool!! This journal made me smile so big!
#20  Posted 1 year ago
Caiti Velvet
#21  Posted 1 year ago
mattcorry Matt Corry
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Nice work!
#22  Posted 1 year ago
ninjaspectre LazerTeam EP
Fantastic job, Matthew!!! Thank you for doing this for us!!!
#23  Posted 1 year ago
mattcorry Matt Corry
Thank you for giving me the time to get the job done. It took a lot longer than I could have hoped or feared.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
ninjaspectre LazerTeam EP
No worries. All that mattered is that it came out fine in the end.
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Desayjin Guardian x3
It's more glorious than I could have imagined! You're 100% right, the weather was perfect for that shoot!
#24  Posted 1 year ago
mattcorry Matt Corry
That day had the best forecast, and it turned out brilliantly.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
kitn42 Sponsor
Seeing you (and the others) buying the statue at the charity auction was easily one of my favorite highlights of RTX 2012. Awesome to see you made it there! And great pictures too!
#25  Posted 1 year ago
#26  Posted 1 year ago
Flynn Love Funhaus
this is fucking fabulous
#27  Posted 1 year ago
dacalac teh spy

I this forum/group of people so much!
#28  Posted 1 year ago
mattcorry Matt Corry
#1  Posted 1 year ago
AndrewAnder1 InFamousHero
It took it a few years but Burnie finally got the Burnie Statue to honor Burnie in Burnie, Burnception...???
#29  Posted 1 year ago
Fthreat MofongoItUp
Hey, Matt!! You were mentioned during the RT PAX East panel!!

Burnie talked about a fan taking the Burnie statuette to Tasmania, and I was clapping and screaming, "MATT!! Yeah, Go Matt!!! Awesome!!!"

Well done, man.
#30  Posted 1 year ago
mattcorry Matt Corry
Wow! Is there a link somewhere to a video of the RT Panel?
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Fthreat MofongoItUp
Haven't found one yet, but soon. SOMEBODY had to have recorded the panel in that crowd.
#2  Posted 1 year ago
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