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SailorTweek Forum Mod
Closure for Knuckles DawsonSome of you have already heard. Some of you will be bombarded with the news for the next few days.

We are thankful that the prayers for discovery made by everyone during this time have been answered. It is with deep sadness that we must let you all know that David's body was discovered on June 20 near Ambleside Park. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers, support and compassion. David was an exceptional, bright, caring and loving young man. We consider ourselves blessed to have had him in our lives, and are comforted knowing that he is now embraced in the arms of our Lord.
Love, Daryl, LeeAnn and Danielle.

At this time, let the family mourn in private. @AprilFire will keep me posted on possible public memorial arrangements.

Major Nelson's write up about David
Burnie's write up about David
Polygon article
Constantly Calibrating article about David
Barbara's journal about David

You all have been a tremendous help in spreading the word. Your love, support, well wishes, and hope have been worth more than you may realize. Your support has touched the family deeply. They appreciate what we have done and how much we care. Every like, upvote, repost, retweet meant the world to the Dreger family.

Do not think for a moment that all of this has been in vain. In fact, I'm calling on you all to what you all have helped us accomplish in the last 4 weeks. I'm asking you to spread the word. Let people know that his body was found and he will be put to rest. Let the communities know that it's time to heal. Remind your fellow human beings that are people out there who care. Let the world know that we remember our friend Knuckles.

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Rest in peace
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Nat is awesome
RIP Knuckles.
#2  Posted 2 years ago
snipeu1545 John Snow
I am so sorry for your loss, R.I.P David "Knuckles" Dawson

Post edited 6/21/13 10:21PM
#3  Posted 2 years ago
Hunter Achievement
Rest in peace... Sir.

Always called him Sir when I saw him... I'm gonna miss you a lot, buddy.
#4  Posted 2 years ago
MattDeF Sponsor
So sorry for your loss, I never knew Knuckles but he sounded like a great guy. RIP.
#5  Posted 2 years ago
Gonna miss you Knuckles. My condolences to the Dreger family.
#6  Posted 2 years ago
Left_2_R0t Canon Fodder
It is unfortunate that the end result was not the result that we all hoped for. They will be missed, even by those of us who never got to meet them in person. May our thought, condolences, and prayers offer whatever comfort they may in these times.
#7  Posted 2 years ago
otaku1412 Job Hunter
bye david. you will be missed. i remember the first time we met at pax when you signed my companion cube and the last time i saw you at the karaoke bar last pax. you will be missed and i hope you are in a better place.

let's remember the best times we have had with knuckles either in a personal capacity or on xbox live or twitter. we will miss him dearly and the best way to honor him is with our best memories.

R.I.P. Knuckles
#8  Posted 2 years ago
I couldn't have said it better. <3 you Mary and Chris.
#9  Posted 2 years ago
one of my favorite pictures
#10  Posted 2 years ago
I have some neat photos of Knuckles from RTX last year, but our media server busted last night. This one was, by far, the best in my collection locally
#1  Posted 2 years ago
greenpuma88 Banana
Never had the privilege of meeting Knuckles but I've read many stories of how he touched people. He will be missed by many; my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
#11  Posted 2 years ago
Einbinda Sponsor Guy
RIP Knuckles
#12  Posted 2 years ago
Rapture_X36 Razolith
RIP Knuckles :c
#13  Posted 2 years ago
JessTheNoob Timelord
I have never met David, but I know how he's a dear friend to the Rooster Teeth community and it breaks my heart that this has happened. He will be dearly missed by many of us, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

RIP Knuckles.
#14  Posted 2 years ago
one of the best achievement hunters ever, fantastic at games and getting achievements, Rest In Peace Knuckles, you will always be remembered
#15  Posted 2 years ago
Fizz NotASponsor
Damn. RIP Knuckles.

With so much time passed, I really hoped he ran off to somewhere...
#16  Posted 2 years ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
Updated with a link to Major Nelson's blog.
#17  Posted 2 years ago
I just found out about this last night and it sucks hearing that he is gone. I didn't know much about him but I hoped this would turn out for the best. RIP Knuckles.
#18  Posted 2 years ago
My thoughts are with his family.
#19  Posted 2 years ago
Gmz1023 Sponsor
Rest in Peace Knuckles. :(
#20  Posted 2 years ago
Rest in peace never did meat the guy he sounded like a great person
#21  Posted 2 years ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
Updated with Burnie's RT journal entry about David
#22  Posted 2 years ago
dispite our best efforts, we couldn't save david form this awful fate. this news is both sad and beautiful, yes we may never see him again but he atleast found eternal peace with the good lord. my heart goes out to david's friends and family.goodbye david we will always remember you. T-T
#23  Posted 2 years ago
Rest in Peace Knuckles, you'll be missed a lot.
#24  Posted 2 years ago
Oh man..my condolences to the family :/
#25  Posted 2 years ago
Ember FoxGirl
I'm so sorry to know he is truly gone.
I didn't really know of him until he went missing, as I am slow to socialize with any group, even one as wonderful as this. I still do not know many of you incredible folks as well as I should yet.
It pains me to know that someone so important to people I admire and care for is gone from this world.

The impact this has had, and the response of this community, has been inspiring.
My thoughts are with his family, and all those who's lives he touched.
#26  Posted 2 years ago
teamkiller12 UltimateHero
RIP Knuckles.
#27  Posted 2 years ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
updated with Polygon article
#28  Posted 2 years ago
conrad500 Engaged
I only knew him by name and maybe a few youtube videos, but this is very saddening news. All life is precious, but when It's someone from a close knit community like RT it makes it all that much harder.

I wish all of his friends and families best wishes and hope for a swift recovery from this tragic event.

My prayers and tears go out to you all.
#29  Posted 2 years ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
Updated with another article and @Adam's twitter screen cap
#30  Posted 2 years ago
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