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burnie Cast & Crew
burnie Cast & Crew
TrocaderoWay back on May 26, 2003 -- when we had just released Episode #7 of Red vs Blue, I received an email in my inbox. It was a nice note from a viewer of the show. It essentially said "I like the show, but I think you need some better music." Along with it was attached a three minute mp3 file called RvBMuzak.mp3. It was simply the author of the email sitting down and plucking away at a baritone guitar. It was a humble request: listen to this music and see if there is something you can use. I popped the file into WinAmp, hit play and instantly heard what would become the theme song for the longest running web series in internet history.

And that is how I met Nico Audy-Rowland.

Our relationship with Nico has set the standard for collaboration at Rooster Teeth. Trocadero's contributions to Red vs Blue taught me that there were amazingly talented people out there -- not just making their own content but also watching our shows. And they wanted to help make them better. In that spirit, we have added people like Luke, Kerry, Gavin, Barbara, Ray and many others over the years. It is a philosophy that has helped our company grow, adapt and stand the test of time. But it all started with a little 4MB mp3 sent from a guy in Boston who just thought we needed some better music. It's been eleven seasons and it's simply impossible to imagine seeing the boys in red and blue without first hearing that old familiar riff. The canyon may be long gone, but the Blood Gulch Blues remain.

Happy anniversary, Trocadero.
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I am glad you decided to listen to that file
#1  Posted 11 months ago
SailorGirl81 Polymath
Ditto Shaydin's comment.

Also, Nico was right.
#2  Posted 11 months ago
MrFusion TFT Podcast
Ok, @burnie that post was not only worth the props for the background on RvB and Trocadero...but also because you mentioned WinAmp.

Thumbs up.
#3  Posted 11 months ago
SailorTweek RTX BOSS
Nico is wonderfully creative, has set some of my favorite things to music, and is a terrific friend.
Happy 15 years, Trocadero.
#4  Posted 11 months ago
Trocadero's awesome.
#5  Posted 11 months ago
#6  Posted 11 months ago
Joee human person
Amazing to hear the original file. All those classic (and somewhat nostalgic) sounds that are embedded in RvB history.
Happy 15 years, Trocadero. Here's to 15 more.
#7  Posted 11 months ago
Don't know why I didn't do this earlier, but I got Ghosts That Linger today.
Funny coincidence.
#8  Posted 11 months ago
mgibbons Sponsor
Interesting that it really is sound track tones and music, not the 3 min blood gulch blues track i was expecting. It is really cool that Nico was forward thinking enough to send a bunch of great riffs in that way.
#9  Posted 11 months ago
people post comments so fast.
#10  Posted 11 months ago
tthinkingcap Sponsor
As an up and coming musician and huge fan of roosterteeth from ah to rwby to rvb, i look up to Jeff Williams and Trocadero as inspirations. Thank you for opening that email, you don't know how much it means to me :)
#11  Posted 11 months ago
The_Hybrid AHCommunity
Such an iconic sound, I can't imagine RvB without it.
#12  Posted 11 months ago
kriss eats rice
Such a great pairing. Glad you guys found each other!
#13  Posted 11 months ago
RT is da shit
#14  Posted 11 months ago
Things that start from humble beginnings are always good, if not the best.
#15  Posted 11 months ago
roosterteeth i mean
#16  Posted 11 months ago
it is
#17  Posted 11 months ago
y did i say something wrong
#2  Posted 11 months ago
all i said is that RT is da shit which means there awesome.
#3  Posted 11 months ago
srpproud We broke it
It's really neat listening to that MP3 and hearing all the little bits of what would become full songs in the RvB soundtrack.
#18  Posted 11 months ago
KWierso Sponsor
#19  Posted 11 months ago
richley young
nice to see burnie.com in use... sort of.
#20  Posted 11 months ago
DoctorG Sponsor
Can't imagine RvB without that riff, man. Absolutely love it!
#21  Posted 11 months ago
RegumCaboose Sponsor
The Blood Gulch Blues will be a favorite of mine forever.
#22  Posted 11 months ago
DumpsterMutt Let down
Tex's music. I'll never stop loving it.
#23  Posted 11 months ago
BuckeyeDon Thanks
I still prefer listening to a playlist than a disc for the intro music (and the extra bits at the end, like 'Dancing Time').
#24  Posted 11 months ago
What a great story. It's hard to imagine RvB without Trocadero.
#25  Posted 11 months ago
That sir, is what we call talent. I never knew that was just a random fan plucking a guitar.
#26  Posted 11 months ago
Great Choice, Burnie!
#27  Posted 11 months ago
Count3D Site Admin
Can't imagine the series without Nico's memorable tunes. I'm very proud of him. Thank you for sharing this story.
#28  Posted 11 months ago
sigmalives Jogo expert
Thank you Burnie and Trocadero, not only for all of these amazing years, but for an mp3 that I can rip apart later and use for every notification and ringtone on my phone.
#29  Posted 11 months ago
Arathall Gormandizer
Thanks to you Burnie I found a great band I love listening to.

#30  Posted 11 months ago
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