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Miles Cast & Crew
Miles Cast & Crew
Red vs. Blue Season 12 AnnouncementIn light of all the exciting announcements Rooster Teeth has made lately...we'd like to make one more.

The next installment of Red vs. Blue is on its way!

We're charging our Xbox controllers and booting up Forge Mode, and although this announcement may raise some questions, we'd simply like to present you with an image, a date, and a question of our own.

See you in April, dirtbags.
10 months ago  |  Comments (353)
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Ray Cast & Crew
#1  Posted 10 months ago
I meant are they doing it again, I know strangerhood
#23  Posted 10 months ago
Grifhunter29 Sponsor
oh ok
#24  Posted 10 months ago
McDom Benefactor
Oh hell yes!!!
#2  Posted 10 months ago
SwiftC Shisno
To answer your question I would fight for more Red vs Blue. I would literally get the shit kicked out of me to get to april.
#3  Posted 10 months ago
Buttkicker98 Sponsor
Damn Strait
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Kiwi RT Scientist
SwiftC, I will kick the shit out of you so you won't wake up until April. Does that work?
#2  Posted 10 months ago
extreme91886 Moose
Can't wait. So excited for it.
#4  Posted 10 months ago
me to!
#1  Posted 9 months ago
George Dream big
woooooo, cant wait. wheres strangerhood season 2 tho?

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#5  Posted 10 months ago
Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excite!
#6  Posted 10 months ago
JakeHCoker Anime Addict
Still my favorite! Can't wait to see more of Grif and Simmons!
#7  Posted 10 months ago
Deltaverse Snarcasm
Can't wiat. Not even going to fix that typo i'm so excited.
#8  Posted 10 months ago
spartan1112 Sponsor
I approve
#9  Posted 10 months ago
Fujy Not an Apple
#10  Posted 10 months ago
Drazsyr Domo Kunt
I fight for the Glorious Glory of the Red Team!
#11  Posted 10 months ago
Rahsheyne Big Nerd
Suck it blue!
#11  Posted 10 months ago
AlyOh Bleep Bloop
#12  Posted 10 months ago
SpartanSloth ShiftyKeys
Oh heck yeah! Time to get my body ready for this
#12  Posted 10 months ago
That's how I'm preaping my body
#1  Posted 10 months ago
SpartanSloth ShiftyKeys
Ditto, man
#2  Posted 10 months ago
I may have nearly screamed out loud. At work. Yep.
#13  Posted 10 months ago
LoZelda Forum Mod
Can we talk for a minute about how interesting it is that it's Tucker and Locus on the poster? I can't be the only one totally intrigued by that.
#14  Posted 10 months ago
Xx1ncitExX Sponsor
I'm pretty sure caboose is the best fighter, Just remember the multi-tex battle :)
#10  Posted 10 months ago
"Let's get an army of me's. there is no doubt we could won." Quote the caboose.
In response tucker shoot's him in the balls but somehow ends up hitting church.
#11  Posted 10 months ago
KamakaziNES SaneAdjacent
I am super excited; you did a great job with season 11!
#15  Posted 10 months ago
jgman179 The Machine
#16  Posted 10 months ago
Miriam Slytherin
#17  Posted 10 months ago
I wanna rock n roll all night! AND PARTY EVERY DAY!
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Orquita Patrocinador
Hashtag hype!
#18  Posted 10 months ago
SUUUUPER pumped! soo ill be getting out the first 11 dvds in my annual re-run binge for the new season
#19  Posted 10 months ago
NoRealRoots Firepower
GOOD, Cannot wait! Now to just get the Season 11 DVD...!
#20  Posted 10 months ago
SamWaldo WaldoSam
I fight for BACON! :)
#21  Posted 10 months ago
SamWaldo WaldoSam
Try fighting for Crispiness instead!
#2  Posted 10 months ago
caboose vs. Ruby. HmMMm? interesting battle.
#3  Posted 10 months ago
devilito666 Vegan
Time to go watch season 1-11 again
#22  Posted 10 months ago
Finally, been waiting to see Tucker kick some Locus ass!!
#23  Posted 10 months ago
I'm screaming. I was excited to get 1-11 on blu ray later this month but this is a 1000 times better.
#24  Posted 10 months ago
Matt317 the guy
Best news I've heard all day.
#25  Posted 10 months ago
yes yes oh thank god yes i cant fricking wait
#26  Posted 10 months ago
i love it
#27  Posted 10 months ago
CupKate BmoreLove
#28  Posted 10 months ago
Foyman Sponsor
#29  Posted 10 months ago
forgottenlor Sponsor
So this year, it will not run concurrently with RWBY. I actually like this as it'll feed my RT binge for more weeks in the year.

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#30  Posted 10 months ago
This also means they can focus on one at a time so they will hopefully have even better quality then ever before.
#1  Posted 10 months ago
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