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monty Cast & Crew
monty Cast & Crew
Velvet's TeamNow we don't have time for trailers this year, cause all the Awesome we'd put into trailers we're putting into the show. But RWBY wouldn't be RWBY if we didn't tease and bait.

So who's on Velvet's team?

Just this group here:

9 months ago  |  Comments (216)
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RomanHeretic Torchwick
I'm actually looking forward to what the girl with glasses will be like. For some reason, she sticks out more than the others.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
Well, to each their own.
#63  Posted 9 months ago
Or if they allow dual ranges (as in melee in one hand, range in the other) one hand sword and handgun
#64  Posted 9 months ago
SailorTweek Forum Mod
I wanna be on Velvet's team!
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Play... as in their bard, right?
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Jesterskull0 LoreGamerNut
I think I would settle as a teacher's aid, just because I know my real chance in that world.
#3  Posted 9 months ago
already loving the person second from the left
#3  Posted 9 months ago
demonhuntr48 Sponsor
Why thank you kind Sir :)
#3  Posted 9 months ago
For some reason the character reminds me of the anime/manga Guyver, if his fighting style is anything like that, i'm on board :D
#4  Posted 9 months ago
SomersetTime illustrator
TEAM BROWN......... Ray will be proud.*sniffle*
#4  Posted 9 months ago
Higgmeister Baldrick
Wouldn't it be great if the guy with the wristblades was played by Ray?
#4  Posted 9 months ago
Oh man, I hope they take that joke all the way and get Ray to voice either Wristblades or Big Sword. I know Higgmeister and Dillon already beat me to that observation but it would still be awesome.
#5  Posted 9 months ago
i hope one of them is a black guy...it would benefit my cosplay options greatly

#5  Posted 9 months ago
Jesterskull0 LoreGamerNut
And I hope one of them has wings in a back pack...... it would benefit cosplay greatly.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
GabbiGrudge dyke life
The [i assume] girl on the left looks hella cool i want to cosplay her already
#6  Posted 9 months ago
I am soo ready for rwby season 2
#7  Posted 9 months ago
That guy behind Velvet... O_o He's like 3 feet taller!
#8  Posted 9 months ago
Libjumper Jumper
Yes it's a rookie mistake. So lesson #1: Don't get so offended when someone points it out.
You now know the difference between a Naginata and a Pudao. Which is more than you did this morning. You're welcome.
#35  Posted 9 months ago
thanks i think
#36  Posted 9 months ago
shaw_t Badass
Monty pls
#9  Posted 9 months ago
the wait is killing me RWBY vol. 2 Hype
#10  Posted 9 months ago
akleiman Sponsor
the shorter male in the back seems to have a similar silhouette to the mysterious blue haired villain hanging out with Cinder... Secret bad guy maybe?
#11  Posted 9 months ago
CenturionMAC Not Duck
#12  Posted 9 months ago
Bayonetta, Dante and Kratos? :P Can't wait! ^^
#13  Posted 9 months ago
She looks more like she is wearing coveralls, so Rosie the Riveter, uses a large hammer that is also a machine gun, and the bolts are impaling rivets, think dead space style
#1  Posted 9 months ago
JDMFK Sponsor
Any hints as to what the team name may be? As long as it's not GAVN
#14  Posted 9 months ago
PS: Gonna go out on a limb and say that the Giant Peach-colored character on the far right is names James or some variant thereof.
#21  Posted 9 months ago
Meh I sctually thinl its brandy
#22  Posted 9 months ago
niriall The Meta
Either Velvet is short or these guys are REALLY tall...
#15  Posted 9 months ago
she is short
#1  Posted 9 months ago
#2  Posted 9 months ago
F4wX CPL McMuffen
Dem glasses doe. I think I wanna crossplay that one already.
#16  Posted 9 months ago
AfRoSaUcE Mage of Hope
Oh god I can't wait
#17  Posted 9 months ago
already in love with the big guy, but that might be my inner Maine growling
#18  Posted 9 months ago
earldragon Sponsor
cant be look at the weapon and shoulder armor
#3  Posted 9 months ago
it was a joke, I can't remember much from the Dragonlance Chronicals XD probably got his name wrong ..
#4  Posted 9 months ago
MattMainpriz GOSU HERO
so hyped for this (will we see longer eps maybe ? pls? pls ? Pls :'S )
#19  Posted 9 months ago
earldragon Sponsor
money, broadband, internet, more money o did i forget to say money. it cost allot to uplode and have people watch it so to keep the cost down they have to keep some thing small and other longer
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Darthbill99 Sponsor
All the episodes next season will be about 12 minutes long, they confirmed this when the volume was announced a few months ago.
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Darkfire180 Suited Up
Ooh, the one on the left has a unique style - looks like a flight-type of fighter. I can tell I'm gonna love that hat.

They all look so powerful, too. Not like what we saw of Velvet in the first season.
#20  Posted 9 months ago
If Velvet's the leader, I'm guessing the team name could be Team VALE if not the leader..... Maybe Team GAVN XD
#21  Posted 9 months ago
AlexSpeckman KerbalGunner
I would say that Velvet doesnt seem like a leader, but Jean was set up the same way.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Israfel070 Sponsor
Nice to see some of our favorite silhouettes from Volume 1 coming back! They never got enough screen time.
#22  Posted 9 months ago
The one boys weapon kinda looks like yang's weapon. v. cool! I'm sure their name will be some shade of brown
#23  Posted 9 months ago
bossofmagic Lord of Dong
I hope the gun gun is like, a musket with a blade along the barrel that extends like a bayonet or something.
#3  Posted 9 months ago
Linkies225 Sponsor
No a gun gun would be a gun that shoots tiny guns that shoot little RPGs cause that is the extent of the weapons in this show
#4  Posted 9 months ago
I sense Yang may be getting a rival.....
#24  Posted 9 months ago
earldragon Sponsor
let me see the team the big guy a worrier the teams tank, Velvet a mage, the girl with glasses a rogue maybe the team jack of all trades, the other guy I'm not sure yet.
#25  Posted 9 months ago
My fan theory of the team

Weapon- Dagger and an SMG type weapon
Personality- Know-it-all, stubborn, tries to comfort Velvet when she is bullied OR very distant and shy, instantly friends with velvet

Weapon- Blade gauntlets (similar to a hidden blade, but larger and on top of the wrist)
Personality- Hot headed, rash, bullies Velvet at first but learns to accept her

Weapon- Dust wand of sorts (makes usage of dust easier)
Personality- Shy, timid, team teaches her to be strong

Weapon- Battle Axe, dust enhanced blade
Personality- calm, cool, not known to give many shits. When he does it really matters
#26  Posted 9 months ago
Not that I don't like your idea for Velvet's weapon, I think its something that is fairly big since In the Volume 2 production diary 2 video Monty showed us that her weapon is stored in a a somewhat large box with a strap on it.

My first thought was that she wound use a bow to cast her spe...
#6  Posted 9 months ago
That's some major fire power for what I thought was a (for lack of better words) timid white rabbit
#7  Posted 9 months ago
While I was hoping a trailer would be used to reveal Velvets final design in show as well as her weapon, Im completely fine with this. Hurry up July!
#27  Posted 9 months ago
#28  Posted 9 months ago
shellavation Bad Spawn
I just punched myself from excitement.
#29  Posted 9 months ago
Imagine what u would do when the show come's out again xD
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Cheyza NCC1701
Left to right:

Little-Miss-Doesn't-Give-A-Fuck. Should be interesting to see how she develops.

Mr Tightass. Not surprising there's one in every lot, and it's soooo much fun to watch them come undone.


Big-Billy-Bad-Asss.-- Every girl's wet dream to tame.


Looks interesting....
#30  Posted 9 months ago
Mazekial PS4everAlone
Now watch Mr. Tightass' name be Titus or Titas.
#5  Posted 9 months ago
Cheyza NCC1701
That would be perfect!
#6  Posted 9 months ago
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