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Stardust0 ImJustADecoy
A QuestionI was wondering. Well right now im in the middle of watch Naruto and Bleach. I was just wondering if any of you guys and girls out there had any good animes i could watch.
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well, my personal favorite anime is Hellsing. It's about vampires and shit, and it's really good.
#1  Posted 9 years ago
i only watch naruto, Full metal Alchemist, inuyasha, and a few others
#2  Posted 9 years ago
full metal alchemist is a good one
#3  Posted 9 years ago
Full Metal Alchemist is very good. Hellsing is just plain Awsome!

And if you want some super crazy good anime watch Neon Genisis Evangelion. The story and characters are so complex that peolple still speculate today, and the show is over. You might go Insane watching it, but I thought my sanity was worth such a good anime.
#4  Posted 9 years ago
even though it has been said before but i would have to say Full Metal Alchemist
#5  Posted 9 years ago
Yay, you watch Bleach!! ^ ^ yah, FMA is pretty good ^ ^
#6  Posted 9 years ago
Neon Genisis evangelion is a little too deep for me. maily because I started watching somewhere in the middle of the series and got lost. But I would suggest Mahou sensei negima; its 26 episodes long so it is a little bit on the short side. Its really funny though.
#7  Posted 9 years ago
Sorry for the double post but I forgot to mention I will put your mods for my contest on this journal. Seems fitting since its an anime realted journal. =D
#8  Posted 9 years ago
I agree with corncob if you decide to watch it do not start in the middle or you won't understand the show. just go to a blockbuster and pick up the first movie and just do like that. Evangelion is a great show.
#9  Posted 9 years ago
Stardust0 ImJustADecoy
I finished watching evangelion a long time ago. It was one of the first series i ever watched, other than macross. I cant remember exactly when i first saw it. But i know when it came out in japan i was watching, and understanding it. Yeah i use to know japanese, but since i came to the states i forgot everything.
#10  Posted 9 years ago
Death Note has their own Anime, but i'm not sure of anything else ....
#11  Posted 8 years ago
Inyouasha or how ever it's spelled go on vizmedia
#12  Posted 4 years ago
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