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In Search For PennyGary The Orange Pelican has fallen in love!

There is one problem. Penny The Pink Pelican, doesnt know he exists.

Everybody, we have to help Gary!

I managed to take a picture of her this afternoon, so if you manage to see her, let her know how Gary feels.

- click for full size!

Thank you everyone!
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Awww, I'm sure she'll find he exists!! I believe in true love.
#1  Posted 9 years ago
Ha, that image is great

Gotta love pink
#2  Posted 9 years ago
I am thinkin its about time you get a new journal entry...lol

3 months is a long time. A long time
#3  Posted 9 years ago
yeah you need a new journal
#4  Posted 9 years ago
yeah i know... when i have something new, youll all know...
#5  Posted 9 years ago
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