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Inbetween nothing and nothing.
Right, so, it's been just about over a year since I watched my first episode of RvB and became hooked on everything roosterteeth, achievement hunter, and all the cool jazz going on in the community. And I have been thinking that I'd like to contribute, like, anything. I'm not really a drawer, or a painter, I only really play video games, plus I only go to school so there's nothing really stopping me from doing..well..whatever. I've been considering getting a cheap capture card and making simple community hunter guides, why the fuck not, something to do, I do achievement hunt and spend most of my time infront of my xbox, and even if it is just s shitty capture device, anywhere is a start. But anyway, I didn't start this journal with any mindset or focus, just kinda vamping, in case you couldn't tell. Just thought I should slam together a second entry, for my anniversary. Now I'll just jump into whatever, if anyone is actually reading this..but whatever.
I'll give the best and worse thing that's happened in this last year I guess?
Now that I say that, I think my best is also my worst. Well, not that long ago at about December, just before my birthday and also my exam, (a fucking maths exam on my birthday, what the fuck?) my best friend who had been pretty much my whole life for about 4 years, freaked out with my because of my general lack of effort and fuck I give about school and the exams and all that shit I hate. This was common, apparently is was hard to ''see me throw my life away'' and that stuff, ya'know, usual shite. And after a while of her nor I caving in, she basically decided that she was fucking off, which meant that half my heart went with her. A few weeks later, getting back up to full speed, when my second best friend lashes out at me, (I also only really have a couple of friends that I really trust, which was down to only really 1 now.) and she tells me that I'm the worst part of her day and make her feel worse than anyone else does, she was not very well liked and flat out hated by most of her peers, I liked to think that she always had me, but then told me that I was what was wrong.
So I'd gone from all, to nothing in a few weeks. The worst part was I didn't really mind. I have this strange appreciation for being alone, I don't know, just, peaceful. For a while anyway.
But without even trying, new friends just appeared, friends that were better to me in a few weeks, than my other old friends had been to me in years. Only 2 people though, that made all the difference. I mean, I was still a jaded fuck, but, allot better. one of my friends in particular, always cheered me up, she was very popular, and very happy, pretty much the opposite of me, which is great, but also terrible.
for about 4 months we saw each other almost 3 times a week and spoke constantly, but then it all just stopped when the exams came back around, which I can understand, but then she just stopped seeing me, or rather, trying to see me. Or even speak to me. The excuse was that she just had to make time for her other friends, but I already hadn't seen her in about a month, and it was just horrible. I just straight up told her what was happening, that she just wasn't devoting any time to me, whither she couldn't, or wouldn't, I still don't know.
Now that I look at it in retrospect, what I've lost and what I've gained, I've lost 4 of my best friends, and I doubt it's a coincidence.

Anyway, enough of bitching about what has and hasn't happened
thank you so very much for reading, unless you've skipped to the end in which case, don't blame you, if I saw this much text about being pathetic and self pity I'd skip it too. Anyway, feel free to comment telling me to nut up and shut up, that your gamerscore is higher than mine, or that you could noscope me from across the map, all that good stuff, see you next year. maybe.
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this thing :33 I've never done one of these journals before, I made my account not that long ago and i haven't really engaged much in the community. recently I've started adding friends and commenting more, I just add random people that seem nice or have awesome pictures, like pokemon :33.
I guess this is an introductory thing if anyone actually takes the time to read it?
i am a gamer, not like CoD and CoD elite. more like Skyrim, Fallout3, and every halo game on the 360. I'm mainly xbox but i have a DSi and all i play is plants vs zombies and pokemon black, i am an achievement hunter and if anyone reading this is on xbox, send me a friend request or an invite, i'm 'thefoxystoat' kinda my universal username. umm, i am a HUGE RoosterTeeth fan, got all the dvd's. listened to every podcast 5 times over, at least, and met Gus Gav and Ben in London this October, in RvB my favourite characters are Grif, Donut, and York. i pretty much am Grif, but a little bit of Donut when I'm feeling lively. lazy and fruity are my 2 modes i'd say, then York because he's just so frikin' cool.
Geoff is my favourite member of the crew, he always seems the funniest and is a lot like Grif. and the fact that it's his job to play video games, and has an awesome wife, and i just adore him in general :333 admitted mancrush. like I say, the community just seems awesome and I'd love to get involved :333 send me a message if you want because I'm always up for a RT themed chat.
and if you've made it this far, thank you for reading :3~
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