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Egyptian RevolutionEgypt is going through what commentators are calling the largest protests it has seen in its history. The protesters, drawing inspiration from Tunisias recent revolution, are now poised to bring an Egyptian revolution to fruition. And with all forms of communication into and out of Egypt, it becomes more and more difficult for the world to know what is going on inside Egypt, whether or not the revolution has been made, or whether it has been crushed.

The Egyptian revolution had its roots in the New Years bombing of a Coptic Christian church, after which protesters took to the streets asking for more protection from the government. The protests did not grow further and Egypt returned to normalcy. However, when Tunisias President Ben Ali stepped down from his position of power after decades following the protests in Tunisia, shock waves coursed through the Arab world. Never before has an Arab leader who was in power for decades abdicate from power after protests from the people. Pundits and analysts predicted that waves of revolution would soon sweep through the Arab World.

Egypt announced to the world just where the next revolution would take place.

On January 25, 2011, the Egyptian revolutionbegan. Peaceful protesters in Alexandria and Cairo gathered in their respective cities to demand for the abdication of President Mubarak. Fifteen thousand people gathered in Tahrir Square on the first day. Police forces were sent out and used water cannons and tear gas in trying to put the people down. However, the protesters fought back and the police retreated. The next day, violence began to rise as police started to use rubber bullets on the protesters. Reports followed that in the Suez region, live rounds were used, dramatically raising the death toll. The Egyptian revolution had became more violent and army troopers were deployed. The following day, Thursday the 27th of January, did not see the same widespread violence or even activity as the earlier days. Nevertheless, violent clashes continued in the Sueze, where demonstrators armed themselves against the army. Meanwhile, the Internet was ablaze with twitter and social media updates informing Egyptians on what is to follow: Friday of Rage.

On January 28th, 2011, Egyptians took to the streets once more shortly after Friday prayers. Tens of thousands of demonstrators were in the streets of Cairo. Soon, over a hundred thousand demonstrators stood in Tahrir square. They shouted, they screamed, but they did not grow violent. However, police forces came soon and deployed water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets once more. As the protest carried on, something amazing happened. Evening prayer was called and both demonstrators and police forces stopped. They shook hands, smiled at each other, and asked.

Will you pray with me?

However, the Egyptian revolution was not at an end. The government, after seeing such a large-scale protest, imposed a curfew. But the curfew was ineffective. The people were in the streets once more. Now, as the protests continue in Egypt, the world waits on its tiptoes. The world is with the Egyptian people. The solidarity of man will triumph over tyrants. The people of Egypt will have democracy.
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Once more unto the BreachOnce again we find ourselves in desperate need for entertainment on a Friday night. What better ways to entertain yourself than to look through some videos that are worth browsing on the internet? These videos range from the funny such as the infamous cookie man video to some of the not so funny but rather epic videos such as Halo Reach machinimas that are quite well done once you stop and think about just how much effort the people making them have put into them. So what are some of the cool and/or funny videos that you have seen throughout the week?
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God is Pro-life? *Raucous laughterSo while driving home one day, I saw a sign that read "God is Pro-life, end abortions now."

I couldn't help think about what was said. However, rather than convincing me that the FREEDOM to choose whether or not you can get an abortion should be RESTRICTED, it made me ponder the statement:

God is pro-life?

I don't think so. If anything, God is pro-death. Hell, everything he made had an expiration date. And if we're willing to go into Scripture, let's mention his plans for the screw-ups in the world back in Genesis:

Flood them to death.

Let's put it this way: the first humans and animals were accidents, imperfect things that God saw were developing into something grotesque (for the non PC people, let's say that they're kids with birth abnormalities still in development). So what did God do? He drowned them all, save for Noah, the epitome of perfection in his eyes. You see, God performed what is essentially the world's first instance of abortion when he decided to say "Oh screw these guys. Just drown them."

So you see, God isn't pro-life, or as I like to call it: pro-rape. He's pro-death.

And we should be too.

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