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nightwolf12 TitleWanted
nightwolf12 TitleWanted
I swear I'm not doing this intentionally*Sean crawls out of the smouldering wreckage as we see one of his arms is actually a cybernetic prosthetic. Catching his breath, he stands up straight*

Long story short, my absence has not been a deliberate action.

Sorry guys, its taken me a bit of time to get used to a full study load at University and it's the first time I've had four classes to deal with (alongside my other projects) since I was in High-School so it has taken some doing.

But I'll let you know some of the key things that have been going on:

The review writing is still going strong and Sticky Trigger Entertainment is continuing to grow in its readership. The editors are ambitious and are actively working towards making this venture a paying gig for their staff members as well as themselves. I'm very excited for them to make this leap after having come to know them personally, but also because... I would really like a paying job.

I'm currently in the middle of pre-production for my first student short film. There's not a lot of time to organize everything but I'm revising the screenplay and continuing to develop the shot-list as well as the shooting list. Our assignment calls for us to make a 1 to 2 minute short film involving a theme of our choice but cannot involve synchronous sound. Meaning we shoot the footage on one day and record the audio on another day. I feel very confident with the story I have in mind as well as the shooting style I have planned and I'll let you know when I have a finished copy I can upload for viewing.

Still propmaking, by the way! However I have decided to rebuild the ODST helmet as well as the Chest Piece as the former was too small and the latter was too big but just had a myriad of problems that were quite simply my own fault. So here's the rebuilt chest piece prior to the first coat of resin I put on the outside the other day:

Edit: Admittedly I posted some old photos of the previous chest piece by mistake. My bad, it's 3AM here and I'm a little tired.
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9 YearsOn the 23rd of July, 2005 I took the opportunity to exploit a brief change in the age requirement of the Rooster Teeth membership policy and signed up for an account here. So here's to 9 nine years of posting my personal brand of random nonsense while gathering some of the closest friends I've ever had the privilege to know. As you can see, I celebrated the occasion in the best way I know how:

The prop making is still progressing, by the way. I'm also currently re-building a chest piece for that Carter helmet in the above photo as I felt that I made too many mistakes on the last one. Here's how that's looking so far:

Happy 9 Years of Rooster Teeth mayhem!

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Some peopleI just wanted to get this off my chest somewhere, earlier this week I had to attend the funeral of a close friend's mother who passed away rather suddenly recently.

It was a nice service, my friend and his father wrote a very succinct and sincere eulogy which was followed up by a very well played guitar performance by my friend in accordance with his mother's previously expressed wishes.

My friend, his brother and his father had managed to construct a beautiful tribute to their loved one and the image of my friend -one of the most physically and emotionally strong individuals I've ever known- burying his face in his palm as he broke down was one of the most painful sights I have ever witnessed thus far.

Now with this in mind...

Why the fuck would you approach him after the service to ask if buying a Harley Davidson would be a good idea as an investment property?

In what pluperfect reality would this seem like a good idea, let alone following up this inquiry by asking him if he could drive the motorcycle to your house because you don't have a motorcycle license yourself? Are you fucking kidding me?

Congratulations guy. Really. Congratulations on exemplifying the art of ignorant cuntistry in the extreme with one swift stroke, you douchebag.


Nobody even knows who the fucker was either! He was a friend of a friend who just happened to be there and they were the only two people who didn't dress in formal wear to the occasion.

Carry On.

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I totally forgot to post about thisSorry about the delay on this, we had technical difficulties with the companion photo album (which ended with us saying "screw it", so we threw it up on Facebook) and then I got swarmed with additional review work as well as University assignments.

So I was meaning to show you guys this for a while, I mentioned it in a few previous journals and those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will recall this but back in early April I had the chance to go to the Melbourne Supanova Expo. One of the things that brought me there, aside from the fact that I was writing an article about the convention, was the fact that the IRL Shooter guys had set up their own booth.

Some of you might remember the name "IRL Shooter" as a couple of years ago (about a month before I went to Texas) I got a whole bunch of friends together to participate in their game "Patient 0". Patient 0 was a real world First Person Shooter that pitted 6 players with the company's 1st Generation M4 Carbine replicas (which fire IR Lasers) against a warehouse (with a fully customized level design) containing teams upon teams of actors dressed up as zombies. I even uploaded a rather poorly edited video of my team's experience of that event. So, now they're coming back to Melbourne for their sequel to Patient 0 called "Lazarus" and it's currently in the middle of being crowdfunded right now. They've also made some pretty impressive improvements with their gear since 2012.

Anyway, the thing I've really been wanting to show you guys is when I got to try out The Pain Belt! This is a new optional add-on to their game, the zombie actors are equipped with IR Sensors so when they get too close to someone wearing a Pain Belt, the belt shocks the player with a few volts directed straight to the abdominal muscles. So naturally, I decided to let my oldest brother shoot me while I was wearing it. Enjoy!

In other news, I'm a couple of weeks away from the end of the first Trimester of Uni. I'm looking forward to the break and still giving it my best in the process but they're not making it easy. Still, almost there. I've happened upon a job opportunity in the last few days, I'm following it up and hopefully I'll hear something in the next few days. Then I can finally buy the materials I need to keep building the Spartan Suit(s)! So fingers crossed!
I'm also thinking I'll go ahead and start making the cardboard paper layers of some of the other suits. Maybe I'll get started on an ODST helmet next. I'll be sure to post photos when I can!
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I did a thingI recorded a gif, uploaded it to imgur and now it's hitting the front page.
I've done it... I have won the internet.

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So I went to a short film shootI received a Facebook message from an old acquaintance from High-School on Sunday asking me if I'd like to help out on the set of a student film shoot. He was acting as the Director of Photography for the film; I never had a full on one-to-one conversation with the guy in the past and we don't even go to the same University. However we were always on good terms and he's historically demonstrated himself to be a nice guy so I accepted the offer to help out as Best Boy and to take some Production Stills throughout the shoot.

After all, everyone says Swinburne is the University to attend for Film & Television in Victoria and they're right. So it would be silly of me to turn down the offer as not many Deakin students get the offered the same olive branch.

We were scheduled to shoot from 5:30PM-4:00AM

It was very fun, very informative, the crew as well as the actor all got along with each other (including myself) and a few of the crew members expressed interest in working with me in the future.

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Quick Spartan Suit updateSo basically Steve and I have been trying to have a go at constructing a foam chest piece for a while now but its just been a bit of a bitch to figure out and it was just taking too long so we're going to take another shot at the hard armour chest piece we made a little while back. We took a hairdryer to it recently to heat up the resin and correct some of the dints as well as to fix some of the symmetry.

It worked surprisingly well, there's just a couple of minor fixes before we can go ahead and reinforce it with some polyurethane casting resin (same for the helmet). Thankfully I finally have a source of income so I can save up for these materials, so I should be able to do more of these updates with greater frequency in between my University work.
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Australian Huckleberry Finn and DynamiteBefore I begin: Melbourne Supanova 2014 was extremely fun, I'm currently waiting for my write-up to be published (the editor is currently on a business trip in Milan) and the rundown is a pretty fun piece... Partially because there's video footage of me being electrocuted while trying a "Pain Belt".

Stick with me, it'll be worth it.

I've mentioned my friend Griff a few times here as he's a very interesting character filled with tall stories that have the witnesses to back him up and these escapades have been occurring long before I even met him as a teenager in the Australian Cadets. There's a certain Huckleberry Finn quality to the man that makes him almost outlandish, adventurous, curious and surprisingly considerate. It's very hard to predict what he might do next; across three different conversations in the course of a month I heard that he was looking to enlist in the Army, trying to join up with the PSO's in the Victorian Police or go back to working for mining corporations in Queensland. Turns out he's doing the latter and I immediately remembered one of his stories from when I was last chatting with him at a mutual friend's party.

Essentially Griff in a nutshell

Griff's mother, Jackie, moved up North a couple of years ago while her son was traveling around the country doing all sorts of work. I was well acquainted with Griff's mother, having had several chats with her during my visits to Griff's old house in Upwey, a place he fondly described as "Meth Addict Central" (quite accurately so as one trip to his neighbourhood with friends resulted in us having to hide on the front lawns of stranger's homes in the middle of the night as a car belonging to a well known local drug dealer with a penchant for stabbing people came searching for us after having spotted us while breaking in a baseball bat on the local mailboxes), although the house was really more of a semi-furnished bungalow than anything else. Jackie was also very nice, very relaxed but seemed a little younger than her age and experience revealed her to be. There was also no doubt that she was Griff's mother given their shared "Bogan" vernacular and personality. Turns out she recently remarried after having moved up to the northern state and apparently to a man who is definitely more than a little compatible. Griff described the wedding as "The most redneck thing I have ever seen... Involving a pair of ATV's being driven up the aisle", accompanied by a bottle of Jack Daniels and Crocodile Dundee Hats - though I can't remember if it was the bride or the groom who wore the hat... Or both of them.

I think this accurately sums up the whole affair.

Griff would commonly spend time at his mother and stepfather's house which was a fairly spacious property, although fairly unkempt and -being Australia- had the tendency to hide a few snakes. The land also had an old shed left over from the previous owner, so Jackie's husband collected Griff to help him clear out the shed one day, which he happily obliged and worked through the junk before he had to go to work. However when the time came for Griff to leave, his stepfather called him over after happening upon a discovery of a small wooden crate containing a collection of dusty tubes. Which Griff immediately recognized to be a supply of Dynamite sticks... Expired... Dynamite sticks. It was at this point that Griff told his stepfather to call the police for the dynamite to be properly disposed of and insisted that he had to go to work. The stepfather nonchalantly brushed it off, insisting that he would handle it and Griff went on his way to his job for a few hours. By the time he got back, it was night-time, a few extra cars were at the house and a campfire was burning out the back of the property. As he got closer he realized that his stepfather invited a few friends over, they were all drunk and jumping all over the place but they all seemed to be keeping their distance from the fire. Griff approached his stepfather and asked him what happened to the dynamite... At which point the fire roared with the burst of an explosion.
They had been throwing the dynamite sticks in to batches of fire and watching them explode because they didn't have any fireworks around... Because nothing can go wrong with that plan.

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