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nightwolf12 TitleWanted
Australian Huckleberry Finn and DynamiteBefore I begin: Melbourne Supanova 2014 was extremely fun, I'm currently waiting for my write-up to be published (the editor is currently on a business trip in Milan) and the rundown is a pretty fun piece... Partially because there's video footage of me being electrocuted while trying a "Pain Belt".

Stick with me, it'll be worth it.

I've mentioned my friend Griff a few times here as he's a very interesting character filled with tall stories that have the witnesses to back him up and these escapades have been occurring long before I even met him as a teenager in the Australian Cadets. There's a certain Huckleberry Finn quality to the man that makes him almost outlandish, adventurous, curious and surprisingly considerate. It's very hard to predict what he might do next; across three different conversations in the course of a month I heard that he was looking to enlist in the Army, trying to join up with the PSO's in the Victorian Police or go back to working for mining corporations in Queensland. Turns out he's doing the latter and I immediately remembered one of his stories from when I was last chatting with him at a mutual friend's party.

Essentially Griff in a nutshell

Griff's mother, Jackie, moved up North a couple of years ago while her son was traveling around the country doing all sorts of work. I was well acquainted with Griff's mother, having had several chats with her during my visits to Griff's old house in Upwey, a place he fondly described as "Meth Addict Central" (quite accurately so as one trip to his neighbourhood with friends resulted in us having to hide on the front lawns of stranger's homes in the middle of the night as a car belonging to a well known local drug dealer with a penchant for stabbing people came searching for us after having spotted us while breaking in a baseball bat on the local mailboxes), although the house was really more of a semi-furnished bungalow than anything else. Jackie was also very nice, very relaxed but seemed a little younger than her age and experience revealed her to be. There was also no doubt that she was Griff's mother given their shared "Bogan" vernacular and personality. Turns out she recently remarried after having moved up to the northern state and apparently to a man who is definitely more than a little compatible. Griff described the wedding as "The most redneck thing I have ever seen... Involving a pair of ATV's being driven up the aisle", accompanied by a bottle of Jack Daniels and Crocodile Dundee Hats - though I can't remember if it was the bride or the groom who wore the hat... Or both of them.

I think this accurately sums up the whole affair.

Griff would commonly spend time at his mother and stepfather's house which was a fairly spacious property, although fairly unkempt and -being Australia- had the tendency to hide a few snakes. The land also had an old shed left over from the previous owner, so Jackie's husband collected Griff to help him clear out the shed one day, which he happily obliged and worked through the junk before he had to go to work. However when the time came for Griff to leave, his stepfather called him over after happening upon a discovery of a small wooden crate containing a collection of dusty tubes. Which Griff immediately recognized to be a supply of Dynamite sticks... Expired... Dynamite sticks. It was at this point that Griff told his stepfather to call the police for the dynamite to be properly disposed of and insisted that he had to go to work. The stepfather nonchalantly brushed it off, insisting that he would handle it and Griff went on his way to his job for a few hours. By the time he got back, it was night-time, a few extra cars were at the house and a campfire was burning out the back of the property. As he got closer he realized that his stepfather invited a few friends over, they were all drunk and jumping all over the place but they all seemed to be keeping their distance from the fire. Griff approached his stepfather and asked him what happened to the dynamite... At which point the fire roared with the burst of an explosion.
They had been throwing the dynamite sticks in to batches of fire and watching them explode because they didn't have any fireworks around... Because nothing can go wrong with that plan.

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Just a heads upI managed to get a hold of a press pass for this weekend's Supanova Expo in Melbourne, so if there are any Victorian RT fans attending, don't be shy to say hello if you see me wandering around.
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And that's how I fainted at the hospital...So I had a specialist appointment with an allergist today to finally look into a problem that I first started noticing about four years ago. Basically, I can't seem to keep down most fruits and vegetables. So this morning I went in, told the doctor my problem and he subjected me to a quick skin prick test. Yes, that skin prick test:

Thankfully it didn't result in anything close to the final panel, it just simply confirmed an allergy to tomatoes and carrots (which can be chalked up next to the discovery of my allergy to peaches from last year) but it wasn't anything definitive.
Next up was a free blood test

"Cool, no sweat, I've donated blood, platelets and plasma almost 20 times all up," I thought.

Within a few moments I was talking to two nurses named Sonia and Sam as they made the preparations for a small blood withdrawal as to test my blood for allergies to seven different fruits and vegetables. They were both talkative, professional and pleasant. Sam and I specifically had a nice chat about American accents as well as comparisons between Chicago and Michigan in the winter while Sam tried to find a vein in my left arm. Now that was peculiar; most people experience a sharp pain when the needle misses the vein, however all I could feel was the object in the arm and no pain to be accounted for. It felt like that sensation when you press your thumb into an apple or a boot crushing snow underneath the heel. At this point, they elected to try the right arm.

We were still in the middle of a lighthearted conversation when the needle met the vein which almost immediately resulted in me saying

"Sorry, but I'm starting to feel dizzy," apologizing for being dizzy. I'm pretty sure I should have been born Canadian.

My suspicions were quickly reaffirmed by a growing sense of pins and needles all over my body along with a sudden hit of nausea.

"Yeah, I'm going to pass out," part of me was proud of that phrasing. People always say "I think I'm going to pass out" and I've never seen anyone remain conscious after that. I started taking deep breaths and widened my eyes as much as possible to combat the developing light-headedness and static-like tunnel-vision that you'd get from a head rush.

"Sean, have you had anything to eat today?" Sonia or Sam, I'm not sure which asked. I just took a deep breath and said

"No I haven't."

I don't think that could have been a better cue to pass out. Before I continue, let me just say that I tend to skip breakfast and I hadn't been informed that a blood test would be on the cards for this appointment. If I had the foreknowledge going in, I definitely would have eaten something as you should always be well-fed and well-hydrated before withdrawing blood.

I think the funny thing about this situation was that my eyes were still open when I fainted, as from my perspective I had a still image of the room that grew gradually blurred as I got lost in my own train of thought. The nurses told me later that I just looked like I was lost in thought the entire time, which was absolutely true as I was thinking:
I've never fainted before, I've come close but I've always managed to avoid it. Huh, I'm starting to feel really warm all of a sudden, like I'm in a sauna.

At this point I heard the nurses calling my name and my vision was fully restored. They were in the middle of gently moving me off the chair and putting me on my side on the floor while constantly speaking to me. I was feeling warm because I was sweating intensely despite having a sudden pale complexion that was cold to the touch, it was like throwing an Alaskan into a Swedish Sauna.
The first words out of my mouth were

"Whoa, what did I miss?"
"Sean, you fainted,"
"Well that's a first!"

I don't think they were expecting me to be completely unphased with what just happened but they dealt with my upbeat curiosity quite well. From here it was all pretty standard, I remained on the floor until I felt well enough to be moved to a chair that could keep my relatively horizontal, I was given a blanket and some water until I felt well enough to go home.

You know they say you should never skip breakfast, though I always do mainly due to the fact that I work a lot during the night and then have to make up for it by sleeping through a bit of the morning. However you never know when you might need to take a blood test... And THAT is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

As a reward for making it through that anecdote, have a photo of the recent progress Steve and I have made on the latest Spartan outfit:
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'Sup guysSo I'm pretty terrible at keeping a consistent blog at the moment, but that's only because I don't like to update this space unless I have something to show instead of a wall of text. It's not you, it's me.
(although I have been learning "The Shape of Things To Come" from the Battlestar Galactica Soundtrack lately, so I might record a performance of that when I have it down pat)

I haven't been able to work on my Spartan suit project recently as I decided to experiment with making a foam vest and quite frankly I've hit a bit of a wall. Outside of that, I don't have any money to purchase some casting resin for the helmet, so it's on hold until I get some money coming in. The good news is, that should be soon as I'll be receiving some Youth Allowance payments and now that I have a timetable for my University course, I can resume my job hunt. Which brings me to my next item.

Last week I started studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) at Deakin University and it seems to be going pretty well. There are only two classes and two lectures so I'm not stressed for time to complete any homework and pursue other projects.

I've also been writing for a new, substantially more well known, review website called Sticky Trigger Entertainment which has been offering a lot of opportunities in terms of reviewing. Since I came on board, I've received press tickets to a Advanced Screening of Wolf Creek 2, the IMAX premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire and a red carpet premiere for The LEGO Movie in Melbourne next week. It's pretty exciting and certainly a new experience. I might start posting future reviews on my profile here, we'll see.

Hope you guys are doing well, what's new with you?
Have a Fox
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A belated FUHey guys,

I'm still here! Just wanted to quickly drop in and say thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Featured User day the other day. Sorry I wasn't able to celebrate in a timely fashion, however I just got back from spending a few days in Adelaide with my good friend @maddeh, going to Improv shows, having drinks, randomly bumping into Frank Woodley while with friends, playing Cards Against Humanity and playing games without any consistent Wi-Fi. So I appreciate those who took the time to drop me a line.

And for those 12 new friend requests I have:

Unless you plan on developing a rapport by sticking around and chatting, those requests are just gonna stay there for a while.
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Booyah!So I pulled in to the local Bunnings Warehouse (the Australian equivalent of Home Depot) a little while ago, however as I was pulling in to a parking space my phone started going off. I calmly finished parking, pulled the keys out of the ignition and answered the to phone to find myself speaking with an employee of ANOTHER Bunnings Warehouse about my application for a Casual position at their store.

Long story short, I'll be attending a group interview on Wednesday, so I'm excited about this for two reasons:
1. I'm frequently going to Bunnings these days as I go about my armour building, so I feel like I'd fit in just fine and an employee discount would not go unappreciated.
2. If I'm hired it will be my first job outside of fast food, and that would just be the best.

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In support of charityHey guys,

I'll be writing a proper update about what's new with me soon, however in the meantime I wanted to draw your attention to a little endeavour Adelaide RT fan @Maddeh is taking part in. Y'see, tomorrow she's going to be riding 50 Kilometres on her bike as part of the event known as "The Big Red Ride", which is all about raising awareness for Muscular Dystrophy and raising money for Dystrophy South Australia in the process.
I've already gone ahead and donated (see "Captain Tightpants" on the donations page) but I wanted to make sure I passed this around. So, without further ado:

Here's Maddy's page if you'd like to give her a like for her efforts, or cheer her on or share the post with others.
And here's her donations page for those with a spare dollar or two to spare.

What do you want me to do, dance? Fine:
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Happy New Year!I hope you guys have been enjoying your New Year's Celebrations, whatever they may be and that you've all enjoyed the holiday season overall!

I've been a bit busy in the past week with Christmas and a few social gatherings so I wasn't able to do any additional work on the chest piece. However I'll be applying another coat of resin to it soon, however if I can't make enough corrections to it soon then we may have to explore a foam alternative. Which, in hindsight, would probably be more ideal anyway. However I'll see if I can make this work regardless.

Oh, I also got my hands on a copy of the Day Z Standalone, so if anyone is up for a session sometime then let me know. As I seem to be encountering the redundant lesson that every solo attempt at playing Day Z as a survivor ends with me wanting to do this:

I'm glad you guys enjoyed my Christmas photo, with over 80 likes it was able to stay on Top Posts for about 3 days so that's most certainly a personal best for anything I've posted here.

You may have noticed the Cards Against Humanity deck in that photo, so as a result of that I decided to send the image to the CAH Team's g-mail account as part of a season's greetings and thank you message. Which resulted in a pretty amusing e-mail exchange (click to zoom) in case you're interested.
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