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RTX Immersion YouTube CommentsSo I have been looking through all the comments on the most recent Immersion, and I have determined that there are only about 6 or 7 different types of comments, and they read:

1. "Where did they get all these zombies?" (I guess they didn't watch to the end of the video where it says "Special Thanks to the Attendees of RTX 2011! We'll see you next year, Undead or Alive.")

2. "Griffon's tattoos are ugly/ nose ring is ugly" (This is not in the slight way true at all, it is super fucking hott. Hence the profile pic. XD)

3. "Griffon is super hot/ love the tattoos/ nose ring is soooo sexy" (True, so true.)

4. "Why didn't they use the swords that are on the shed?" (It's because it would have been incredibly over-powered because all they would have had to do was just run it poking everyone, not a very fair fight.)

5 "Why didn't they use air-soft or paintball guns?" (Because we didn't want to have to wear protective gear, especially since we are all defenseless.)

6. "OMG Immersion is back!!!" (I don't believe that it is going to continue, this was just what we did at RTX. But yes, Immersion is back, i just don't think there will be more anytime soon.)

7. "2:24 BOOM HEADSHOT" (Yes it was, i wish it was me. XD)

**Please note that these are just along the lines of what the comments are and are not quoted.**
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RTX Immersion is Live!You can only see me in like 3 frames. But i know i was there!

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E3 2011Things i liked about M$: Halo CE Remastered, Halo 4, Mass Effect 3 with Kinect (I like it, but why do we need Kinect for voice control, why not a headset?) and Ghost Recon Future Soldier with Kinect (That is pretty much badass, the first FPS with Kinect.) Forza 4 and Gears of War 3 Gamplay
Things i didnt like about M$: KINECT this , KINECT that , KINECT blah blah blah.

I would give it a B just for the sake of Halo and Gears. I like that they are doing new things with the Kinect like with ME3 and GRFS and Forza, but everything else i hate. They push it way too hard...
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First Day of RTX = Fucking AwesomeI met Matt, Nathan, Mike (RageQuit), Jeff Williams, and Jack.
I was insane how many people were there and i was awesome.

Cant wait for RvB Season 9 in the Morning!!!
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RTXIm about to catch my flight to Austin, TX because i am going to RTX. I cant wait to meet the community and meet the entire staff.

And oh, btw. RvB Season 9!!!!
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50,000 GS MilestoneWell its taken me over 3 years, but i finally got to 50,000! Please note that i dont play games for achievement, meaning i dont play shitty kids games just for achievements. There were only 1 instance when this happened, and that was that shitty air bender game lol. But yeah, i only play games i enjoy playing and try to get as many achievements as i can.

I hit my 50,000 mark in Full House Poker, the new avatar game that just came out this week. The achievement was Took Down A Pro 10GS Its a fun game but a shit-load of networking errors and its very annoying.

But yeah, i hope to reach 60,000 soon, or maybe even 75,000 by the end of the year.
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