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I remember watching the recording of the panel where they announced Monty was joining Rooster Teeth.

I've seen Haloid once before, so the link was made in my head. "Awesome, now they get some more freedom with CGI," I thought, as a fan of RvB. But then, he exceeded my and everyone's expectations. Not settling with awkward programmed CG, no, going full motion with motion capture. While working hard as he could to survive, as he wrote in his [beautiful blog post, Passing, you could also notice the young boy playing, enjoying himself, and efficiently making us enjoy what he does.

Always looking for new challenges, always coming up with new ideas, to have fun, to work on, to push his limit, to test his efficiency. While creating and designing RWBY, always thinking of the fans, creating costumes easy to cosplay as, always with enough pockets so it won't be impractical to walk around with on conventions. His mind everywhere, even when sleep deprived, sharp enough to counter lemons or do some slick dance moves. Always eager to learn more, not satisfied with just a single input. No, he needed nine monitors with different movies, anime series, documentaries etc. playing on them, to make full use of his time and not holding up anyone else.

And still he's got time for people.
He made relationships happen, and even managed to find time to find someone to call his.

I'm sad a lot of people and I haven't had the chance to actually meet him, to let him know what an inspiration he was. But I'm also glad he was there, made the fullest out of his life and did what he did. Though he may not physically be here with us anymore, everything he was to the world, he still is.
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PanelsI watched the RT panels @ PAX 2010 and 2011 today, I loved the crew. Maybe I'll go to London this October...
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